What I Need To Get My Pet Insured

What I Need To Get My Pet Insured

For some, pets are like families, so let’s find out what you need to get your pet insured. Pet insurance is no different from human insurance. Just like their owners, pets are also entitled to have insurance for their protection as well.

It also acts as financial aid for the owners in case some unexpected things happen, such as illnesses or accidents. Having insurance would be beneficial for both the owner and his/her pet. Insurance rate can start as low as $10 per month, and it depends on the coverage the owner desires.

Things to Prepare for a Pet Insurance

As pet owners, there are certain things you have to consider before getting insurance for your pets. Just like other insurances, it requires owners to provide the following:

Pet’s Species

Some species of animals are not included in insurance coverage so the owner has to make sure that the breed of their animals is in the list. Dogs and cats are mostly the ones included in insurance lists.

Some insurance companies also offer insurance to birds or reptiles, but only a few. For other pets, ask your vet because they may know where you could get one. This will help you get what you need to get your pet insured.

Pet’s Breed

Same with species, certain breeds of pets are not included in the list of insurance companies. Although they accept mixed breeds, especially among cats and dogs, some are excluded.

Some insurance companies categorized dogs according to their ratings. For example, big breed dogs have higher ratings, while smaller dogs have lower ratings.

Because bigger breeds have higher resistance from diseases than smaller breeds, smaller breeds are often sensitive and need a lot of care to avoid getting illnesses.

Make sure you know your dog or cat’s breed. If you are unsure, your vet and some lab tests can determine it for you.

Number of Pets to be Insured

Most insurance companies will be giving discounts if you insure more than one pet. This strategy can help them gain more clients. At the same time, it would also be beneficial to the pet owners.

What you need to get your pet insured isn’t just about buying any insurance. Find a good insurance company that’s willing to take on all your pets especially if you have a variety of species.

Pet’s Age

Your pet’s age is a big factor when it comes to insuring them. Like people, pets who are less than eight weeks and more than 12 years are more at risk of acquiring diseases. This makes it biased on the side of the insurance company, so make sure to insure your pet at the right age, but not too old.

If you just adopted a pet and didn’t have official records of its age, some vets and tests can give you the right estimate. Make sure to get this ready whenever you apply for any insurance.

Pet’s Gender

Obviously, gender is easily identified among pets, especially if you are talking about common pets. However, for some animals, gender is hard to tell unless you consult your vet or animal welfare.

Female pets have more coverage for procedures done, such as performing cesarean section when giving birth. Most insurance companies cover this procedure.

Turtles are a good example of getting genders wrong. Ask expert help if in doubt. It’s important to get what you need to get your pet insured right the first time.

Other Things to Know to Help You Prepare

After preparing what you need for your pet’s insurance, you should now think of which plan is best to buy? There are varieties of insurances you can choose from. Before getting one, it is wise to compare about three or more companies.

In doing so, make sure to check each one’s policy terms and coverage carefully. Just like you, you know what’s best for you based on your current health status, lifestyle, and activities. You will know what is best for your pet, too.

Policy Term

You have to know how long the policy term is so you can fix your budget. Be aware of how long you have to pay. Learn about the terms and what schedules of payment are being offered. Is it monthly, semi-annual, or annual?

It’s important to know about these things so that you can set aside a budget for it. You also have to be aware of the increased rates possible to occur as the years pass by.


Find out what are the conditions included in the insurance. For instance, most insurance companies cover accidents and common illnesses. Also, discover if it also covers maternity needs, hospitalization, and laboratories for existing illnesses.

Since most insurance companies don’t cover present illnesses and laboratories needed by the patient, it is better to ask to be sure. Terminal illnesses are also sometimes included in the list, and it’s a good sign to take the insurance if it has it.

So before you get insurance for your pets, make sure to record what you need to get your pet insured. List all the necessary information so that you can easily decide which insurance to get.