Top Calming Aids for Your Pets

Top Calming Aids for Your Pets

With the numerous calming products available today, it’s not surprising to find top calming aids for your pets too. There are a plethora of items to choose from, but of course, only go for the best for your pet babies.

These calming aids for pets are necessary for fur babies that suffer from anxiety. It’s something that often leads to them having destructive behavior, restlessness, and the like.

Before we look into the different and top calming aids for your pets, let’s first understand pet anxiety.

What Is Pet Anxiety?

For fur babies, stress reactions are often rooted in survival instincts, which are the same as us.

An example would be this: when you’re in a bad situation that can cause harm, you get stressed. It’s the natural reaction of your body, telling you to change the situation and get out.

Most Common Triggers of Anxiety and Its Causes

Like humans, our fur babies get anxiety due to certain reasons, which differ depending on your pet.

Here’s a list of common triggers and causes of anxiety in both cats and dogs. Let’s begin with the latter.

Anxiety in Dogs

Loud, sudden noises from fireworks, cars, thunderstorms, extremely loud music, etc., are some of the causes of dogs’ anxiety.

During trips, the whole idea of car rides to some dogs will make them anxious from the beginning. With that, new and unfamiliar environments may cause these anxiety triggers. This also applies when you move into a new home or visit a new veterinarian.

When you have visitors, some dogs may start barking relentlessly because of them. As for new pets, they could start growling and get uneasy because of the new presence. Another reason for their behavior is due to being territorial.

In addition to these, your dogs can get anxious over new visual stimuli. If you suddenly wear hats or change your hair color, it triggers such issues in your dogs.

Age-related anxiety also occurs, which may worsen as they get older. Remember, when their memory and perception begin to decline, their anxiety grows.

Another common type of dog anxiety is separation anxiety. Fur babies with this type of anxiety are highly dependent on their pet parents. When they’re alone or away from their parents, these dogs get extremely anxious and distressed.

Anxiety in Cats

Cats experience anxiety, just like dogs, and many reasons cause these as well. These triggers are similar to the things that make humans anxious, like sudden shifts to the environment or daily routines.

Events like moving to a new home or having a new person in your home can prompt anxiety in your kitties.

Note that changes in your fur baby’s routine can also trigger their anxiety. These changes don’t need to be extreme, but they will affect them greatly.

Separation anxiety is seen in cats as well. So, don’t be surprised if they start acting differently when you start a new job or leave them alone often.

Different Calming Aids

If your pets are experiencing any of the mentioned symptoms, it’s time to think of your pets’ different top calming aids.

What are the best cures to give them to alleviate their stress? There are tons of products available on the market, but we’ve put together the best for your fur babies.

Compression Wraps or Shirts

Compression shirts and wraps are used to gently hug and calm your pets. The constant and gentle pressure against your fur babies has a dramatic effect on them. Thus, helps alleviate their anxiety.

For dogs who are overly excited or fearful, these calming aids help as well.

An alternative to these top calming aids for your pets is the scarf. You only need to place the scarf on your pet’s chest, then cross its ends over their shoulders. Then, simply cross those ends under your pet’s chest before bringing them back up.

To complete this alternative, tie the ends in a secure knot but make sure that they’re snug and not constricting.

Treats for Anxiety Relief

Not all dogs, especially cats, are fond of wearing compression shirts and caps. If your pet is this way, it’s best to opt for calming treats to alleviate their anxiety.

These types of products support relaxation to help your pets exhibit and display balanced behaviors.

Calming treats for your pets come in a variety of flavors and kinds. Often, you’ll find them in the form of biscuits, bites, or bars. For flavors, you’ll find treats with tasty and flavorful steak, beef, tuna, salmon, chicken, liver, and more.

Calming Supplements

Another set of top calming aids for your pets are the calming supplements. You’ll often find these in the form of chews, but tablets and tinctures are also available.

Some of these products are made for long-term use, which is ideal for pets suffering from generalized or separation anxiety. Other supplements are utilized before events that may trigger their stress and anxiety. Hence, they are best for fear-induced anxieties.

These products encourage a sedating quality that makes your fur babies calmer while simultaneously decreasing their stress.

When choosing calming supplements, find products that list all the ingredients they infused into the supplement. The product should have natural ingredients like hemp oil, melatonin, ginger root, passionflower, L-theanine, and L-tryptophan.

Avoid supplements that are packed with artificial preservatives, flavoring, and colors.

Calming Scent Diffuser

If you’re searching for an all-natural product to keep your dog’s anxiety at bay, then a calming scent diffuser is ideal. This is most especially ideal when you’re away from your fur baby.

The diffuser works by releasing appeasing pheromones into the air to keep your pets relaxed while you’re out. You need to plug these products into an outlet to work, and you’ll find your dogs much calmer and relaxed.

Feline Pheromone spray

The feline pheromone spray is a calming aid that releases synthetic copies of your cat’s facial pheromone. Using this product will help alleviate stress and fear-related issues that are usually caused by sudden changes.

These changes may include car rides, moving to a new house, or hospitalization. Cattery boarding or the introduction of a new person or pet may cause them anxiety as well.

With the feline pheromone spray, your cats will relax further, thus, alleviating their stress and anxiety.

Calming Collar

Dealing with pets who freak out and panic when it comes to loud noises can be a challenge. So if your fur baby is this way, you can have them wear calming collars to relax.

These top calming aids for your pets are infused with pheromones that alleviates anxiety and fear. It prevents their bad behavior of barking incessantly for dogs, while cats tend to control spraying when wearing these.

Medicated Gels for Teething Dogs

If you have a happy pup, they may be in the stage of teething. During this time, they tend to chew on things to alleviate the associated pain of teething.

This situation may cause anxiety and destructive behavior in your dogs. Giving them medicated gels would work greatly.

Reduce the pain of teething by applying the gel to your pet’s gums. Accompany the gel with proper teething toys and treats designed for teething.

Interactive Puzzles

Not a calming aid, but a calming tool for your pets. The interactive puzzles are great toys to give your pets to distract them from destructive behavior and anxiety triggers.

Your pets will end up concentrating on solving the puzzle and finding their treats, somehow ignoring their issues.

You can find various puzzle toys in the market today, and they come in increasing difficulty levels. If your fur baby enjoys puzzles and are “masters” by now, try a more difficult one for increased mental stimulation.

Relax Your Pet with the Best Calming Aid

We can’t deny that your fur babies have a complex collection of emotional needs, just like humans do. They love you just as much as you do. With that, they would get anxious if you weren’t around or if another pet captures your attention.

These precious fur babies deserve the best, that’s why they need the top calming aids for your pets. This is essential when they have anxiety issues and the like.

After seeing our list, you simply need to find which ones work best for your pet’s temperament and behavior. It’s recommended to have various options, so choose as many aids as you can for your pet.

You’ll be equipped with all the safest means to calm them down no matter how stressful the situation may be.