Tips on Finding Pet-Friendly Hotels

Tips on Finding Pet-Friendly Hotels

It doesn’t matter if you’re hitting the road with your pet cat or dog. There are a couple of considerations when it comes to finding the best accommodations for you and your fur baby. And while more hotels and various accommodations are becoming pet-friendly, you still need some tips on finding pet-friendly hotels.

Never assume that a certain hotel in your country or abroad will not accept your pets. In fact, you’ll be surprised by the number of accommodations that’ll host them. It’s also surprising how many countries consider traveling with your fur buddies a common way to journey nowadays.

But without the permission of the accommodation, don’t assume that a surprise presence of a pet will be greeted warmly. You don’t really want to end up without a hotel as night comes, and you’re very far away from home.

With that, here are the best tips on finding pet-friendly hotels when traveling with your pet.

Tips on Finding Pet-friendly Hotels for Your Trip

The best way to begin searching for a pet-friendly hotel is by looking through the internet. Start by visiting websites to search for known accommodation chains, and see if they provide pet-friendly rooms.

There are even travel-specific websites that gather such information in a central repository.

If you want, checking humane societies is possible since they usually list down the local pet-friendly hotels on their sites. So, take a look at these societies’ branches at your destination city.

Find Pet-friendly Chains for You and Your Fur Baby

As mentioned, some hotels are known for being pet-friendly. For instance, some hotel-resorts will allow pets that are up to 11.3kg. Here, they’ll provide amenities such as pee pads and water bowls during your stay.

Some hotels accept pets even in their other locations. Plus, they may not even require you to pay nightly fees or pet deposits, which is great.

Some smaller chains may allow pets, though they usually have low fees at around $20 per day.

Look for Hotels Offering Pet Essentials

Other smart tips on finding pet-friendly hotels include searching for accommodations offering pet essentials.

Food blankets, coats, throw pillows, and beddings. Traveling with your pet is never light, especially during the cold months or when the weather’s unpredictable.

There are times when your fur babies have more luggage than you. So, accommodations offering a pet welcome pack that have essentials like toys, bowls, treats, and cleanup bags are a godsend. In fact, a lot of pet-friendly hotels offer this.

Double-check on the Accommodation’s Restrictions & Pet Fees

Some hotels sometimes have restrictions on the age and size of your pets. Often, puppies/kittens are discouraged by their management. With that, always double-check on their restrictions and pet fees since these may change over time.

The common pet fees may range from nominal daily charges to refundable damage deposits to heft non-refundable flat fees. Some hotels hit you with daily fees and are clear on those that are non-refundable.

It’s also best to note that these daily fees vary depending on your pet’s type and size.

Some Common Pet Restrictions

When finding pet-friendly hotels, know what the common pet restrictions are. Even if they allow pets to stay, they have rules on which pets they can accept.

To begin with, most pet-friendly hotels only allow cats and dogs. Sometimes, they only allow dogs. If you have a pet snake, forget about bringing him/her.

Other common pet restrictions are their total weight, which can sometimes be as low as 5kg. They also have a maximum number of pets allowed per room, and often, it’s just one or two.

Additionally, some hotels have certain breed restrictions.

Remember that a lot of pet-friendly hotels cover these conditions with a general clause. This is mostly “pets are allowed on request”, so take note of this before booking a hotel.

To find out all the conditions for your four-legged fur babies, and if they’re welcome, it’s best to inquire further.

The websites of hotels usually contain their full pet policies. Often, these chains feature the same rules for all their hotel branches.

When it comes to third-party booking websites, there are a couple of pet-friendly listings available. However, make sure you spell out these certain conditions to give you the right results.

Check Out the Surroundings

Other tips on finding pet-friendly hotels that work for you is by checking out the accommodation’s surroundings.

Looking at the hotel’s site may not be enough to determine if the surrounding area is ideal for walking pets. Some chain hotels are often situated on busy roads and without grass in sight.

Before booking, inquire about any local green spaces in the area, and safety/general noise levels there.

Go for Apartment Living

All-suite hotels or those serviced apartments will provide the necessary space to ensure that you and your pet are comfortable.

If you’re staying in one accommodation for over a week, do not underestimate the value of such places resembling home. These places have a kitchen where you can arrange meals. Plus, they have bathrooms to place a litter box and bedrooms that can be shut for anyone needing a time-out.


We have to stress one of the most vital tips on finding pet-friendly hotels. Take the time to do thorough research when looking for these pet-friendly hotels.

Look online for reviews about the hotel you’re planning to book. Have any other pets stayed in the property? If so, are their pet-parents giving good reviews about their stay, or not?

Good recommendations are always worth their weight in gold. So, always look into the accommodations you plan to stay in. Make sure that they’re pet-friendly and have positive reviews to ensure a comfortable and memorable stay.

Pet Etiquette When Staying at the Hotel

Besides knowing about the tips on finding pet-friendly hotels, you’ll need information on pet etiquette while at the hotel.

Avoid letting your pet chew or claw on the linens, furniture, or curtains. Since this is a predictable behavior, you should bring their toys or other forms of entertainment to distract them.

It’s also best to set your pet in a comfy and spacious carrier with lots of water and food. This is essential for when you have to leave them in the hotel for some time. Set their litter box in another bigger area to prevent any spillage.

When you need to transport your fur baby throughout the accommodation, keep them in a comfy carrier. This way, it’ll prevent them from scampering away.