Things to Look for / Consider at Pet-Friendly Hotels

Things to Look for / Consider at Pet-Friendly Hotels

There are many things to look for / consider at pet-friendly hotels, which are essential for pet parents. If you’re already planning for a holiday with your fur babies, now’s the best time to do so.

While more places are beginning to accommodate pets, there’s still a limited number of available pet rooms in these places. And while there are only a few, they even book fast!

With that, it’s essential to plan your trips in advance, especially when you’re letting your cats or dogs tag along. While you’re at it, other things to look for / consider at pet-friendly hotels should include their rules.

Based on the American Veterinary Medical Association’s research, about half of most pet owners consider pets as family. When the holidays and vacation time comes, a lot of pet parents take their fur babies with them during travels.

Yet before you book a pet-friendly hotel, you’ll need to check out the pet amenities and services they offer. With that, here are some of the things to look for and consider when searching for pet-friendly hotels.

Type of Accommodation

Not all accommodations are suitable for all types of pets. If your dogs tend to bark at almost everything, busy accommodations may not be the best choice. Instead, go for a pet-friendly hotel that’s like a private accommodation so your pet’s noise won’t disturb other guests.

Another example would be pets with mobility issues. If these were cats, they could be carried easily. However, dogs won’t get to climb stairs when they have such issues, which can be a problem. So it’s best to search for pet-friendly hotels that do not have stairs.

A quick tip for pet parents with dogs that have mobility issues: bring a mobility harness with you. It’s a portable and lightweight item that’s handy when you aren’t sure of what to expect in a new area.

There are tons of pet-friendly hotels and cottages to go for when traveling to different countries. All you need is to do your research properly.

Some of these hotels provide litter boxes and cages for the guests pets. Others even have grooming services/centers, as well as pet shops for convenience.

These are highly essential things to look for / consider at pet-friendly hotels.

Signs of Pet-Friendliness

The signs are other things to look for / consider at pet-friendly hotels. These should show that the accommodation is indeed pet-friendly and not just tolerant.

Pet-tolerant accommodations will allow your pets to stay in the room only. Yet with pet-friendly hotels, these provide an environment that keeps your fur babies relaxed, comfortable, and welcomed.

Additionally, pet-tolerant hotels can arbitrarily alter their policies while pet-friendly hotels will less likely do so.

Amenities for Pets

Pet amenities are essentials to have in pet-friendly hotels. You need to check if they offer food, coats, blankets, beddings, and the like.

These accommodations know that traveling with pets is never light. So, the staff provides necessities to make journeying with your fur babies easier and more convenient.

Places that offer welcome packs for your fur buddies are a godsend. These often include essentials like treats, bowls, cleaning-up bags, and more.

Things to look for / consider at pet-friendly hotels are their amenities. Most of these places list their pet amenities, especially when advertising. You will find such details in brochures, travel magazines, or on their official website.

Outdoors Should Be Easy Access

Most pet owners prefer staying in rooms that are on the ground floor. Sometimes, they even go for rooms with outside entrances or those close to an exterior door.

These kinds of rooms make it faster and easier for pet parents to bring their pets outside for bathroom breaks. It can be essential if you have senior dogs who need to go out more often.

Again, pets with mobility issues require a shorter distance to reach the outdoors. With that, these rooms make for the perfect places to stay in for pet owners and their cats/dogs.

Pet Fees

Pet fees vary depending on the place you’re staying in. And as a pet parent, it’s your responsibility to check the applicable charges before booking a hotel room.

You need to know if the fees apply to each pet you have or if it’s on a room basis. There’s also the need to know if there are restrictions on the number of fur babies you bring.

Do note that the hotel may charge a fee for every night you stay. Or, they could go for a one-time charge for the whole day. We advise that you get all the essential details before booking to avoid disappointments at the check-in.

Accessibility to a Pet-Walking Area

Walking your dog away from the main doors is good etiquette, especially in restaurant areas and the like. Doing this will prevent other guests from watching your cats/dogs doing their business.

You should always have pick-up bags with you when walking your pets. However, it’s nice to have some available at the hotel you’re staying in.

The Pet-friendly Hotel Should Be in a Good Location

One of the best things about taking your pets with you on trips is spending days exploring new areas. With that, it’s best to check if there are nearby parks and trails that welcome pets.

Noise makes pets nervous. So you must make sure to choose a pet-friendly hotel that isn’t next to busy or major streets.

Before booking, also check out the maps to have an idea of where the property is situated. It will also help you determine how busy the streets are in the area.

Pet-Loving Staff

The essential things to look for / consider at pet-friendly hotels are the staff. They also should be pet-loving, so you know that your pets are safe even if they need to stay behind.

Sometimes, it’s enough to have staff who warmly and wholeheartedly welcome your pet than those who accept them grudgingly.

Regardless of which pet-friendly hotel you choose, always remember to display good pet-travel etiquette. Doing so helps establish goodwill with everyone. Plus, it helps ensure that pets are continuously welcomed when going on vacations with them.