The Best Products to Stop Your Cats from Scratching Things

The Best Products to Stop Your Cats from Scratching Things

The best products to stop your cats from scratching things are necessary for every cat parent like you. It’s known that cat scratching is an entirely natural and healthy behavior of our kitties. It isn’t something they do to wreck your items at home.

Unfortunately, that’s what happens most of the time.

Generally, it’s difficult to stop your cats from scratching. However, there are a couple of products you can utilize to lessen the damages to your furniture.

The best products to stop your cats from scratching things range from scratching posts to cat deterrent sprays.

There are basically a lot of items to choose from. To make it easier for you, we’ve put together the best items to keep your cats from scratching on things.

The Scratching Post

One of the best products to stop your cats from scratching things is the scratching post.

Cats naturally scratch out of instinct, and you can’t expect them not to scratch. In fact, attempts often result in frustration on the cat parent’s part and a lot of confusion for the kitties.

If you want to keep your cats from scratching your furniture, it’s best to give them an alternative scratching spot. That will be the scratching post.

If you can, make things fun and easy for your pets. The scratching pole should be set near your cat’s bed so that they can have their morning scratching routine. Also, you should think of the kind of scratching post to choose.

It’s best to get them something that’s the same length as their body since it allows them for full scratching! Sisal ropes together with vertical, sturdy, and high scratching posts are usually the best for your felines.

When you have more than one fur baby, make sure they have their scratch post. Cats aren’t fond of sharing, so the competition may lead them to scratch your stuff again!

Clear Vinyl Panels

Another great item to have for your cats are the clear vinyl panels. These can help shift your kitty’s attention away from the couch and focus on their toys instead.

These mainly protect the legs and corners of your furniture without breaking their aesthetics since they’ye entirely clear. The vinyl sheets are pinned to the furniture’s sides and are a bit sleek for your pet’s tastes.

Yet since these are pinned to your furniture, remember that they can leave some marks there.

Cat Deterrent Spray

Not everyone’s into the idea of covering their things with a barrier to keep cats from scratching. If you’re one of them, go for a cat deterrent spray instead.

Some cat deterrents are motion activated. However, these can get knocked over easily and can only be utilized in one area.

The spray can be applied directly to your things and various surfaces. It’s to create a hidden coating of cat-repelling protection. There are a lot of sprays to choose from, so you won’t have problems purchasing these.

The cat spray prevents your fur baby’s plan to claw on your furniture. This product comes with a non-staining formula that’s safe to use on different surfaces.

What’s great about most of these is that they’re made from plant-based materials. So, you can easily spray them on your things to create that invisible shield, preventing your cats from scratching.

One thing to note is that not all felines will respond to the deterrent spray. However, its cost-efficient price tag makes it worth the try.

Additionally, the scent of these sprays may be too strong for you. If that’s the case, you can choose one that smells lighter, if any.

Cat Scratch Tape

If you want to stop your precious cats from scratching leather furniture, then the solution would be cat scratch tape.

You can use these on fabric like the carpet or hard surfaces such as your walls and doors. It’s a double-sided sticky tape that comes in rolls or panels like standard tape.

These can be stuck in places where you need it, and you can remove them easily too. Since cats dislike sticky feelings on their paws, the tape will definitely discourage them from scratching.

Cat Claw Clipper

A reason why your cat scratches is to get rid of the dead outer coating of their claws. So, why not beat them to it, and trim their nails nice and smooth?

One of the best products to stop your cats from scratching things is the cat claw clipper. They’re not only to keep your cats’ nails properly groomed, but it also keeps them from scratching.

It’s great to blunt the tips of your cats’ claws. This is most essential if they’re indoor cats who never have access to trees.

If you’re using these claw clippers for the first time, it’s best to learn how to do this correctly. Know their proper cutting line to prevent yourself from injuring your pets.

Ask a groomer or your veterinarian to show you how to clip their claws properly.

Socks or Nail Caps

Another one of the best products to stop your cats from scratching things are cat socks/mittens or nail caps. These are safer and better alternatives to declawing your fur babies.

The socks are great to keep your cats from scratching, but some of them get frustrated wearing such things. If your cats end up removing the mittens every time, go for the soft nail caps instead.

These nail caps are glued onto their claws. It will help limit the damage if your car decides to scratch where they shouldn’t.


When dealing with your cats’ scratching habits, the best tactic is to teach them what and where to scratch.

It’s best to provide them with appropriate items and cat-attractive surfaces to scratch. Fortunately, you have a wide range of options to choose from the products to stop your cats from scratching things.

Some people decide to declaw their cats, which isn’t recommended since it can cause danger to them.