The Best Chew-Toys for Your Best Friend

The Best Chew-Toys for Your Best Friend

We can’t deny that dogs love to chew on almost everything. It isn’t only a fun activity for them, but it helps keep their teeth clean and the tartar at bay. So today, we’re finding some of the best chew toys for your best friend.

But before we check these top chew toys for your pooch, there are some things you need to know first. What type of chewer is your fur baby?

Determining what type of chewer he/she is, is necessary. It’ll make it easier on your part to choose the type of chew toy that best suits them.

What Type of Chewer Is Your Pooch?

The first thing you need to do is watch your dog play and see how they chew on their toys. These toys should be right for how they munch on their things.

See if your pup falls into one of these categories:

The Destroyer or the Shredder

These types of chewers destroy the items or snacks they’re attacking. And if these are snacks, they’ll even eat the little pieces left.

The destroyer or shredder pooches are those who try, and usually succeed, to destroy whatever their mouths snatch. Most of the time, they don’t swallow the stuff they break, but some dogs do, so be careful. Dogs who break things and eat them are between the destroyer and the inhaler.

They’re the hybrid chewers, and shopping for some of the best chew toys for your best friend can be tough!

The Inhaler

These doggies are basically like vacuums. Now you see the toy, and then you don’t. That also goes with how they eat. The inhalers bite off huge chunks of food, then swallow them fast.

If your dog is like this, it’s best to keep an eye on them. They tend to choke on what they eat, considering they work like vacuums.

The Nibblers

The nibbler dogs are those who enjoy savoring their treats and chew on their toys normally. They’re gentle, so you won’t need to worry about them chomping off and swallowing the parts accidentally.

It also goes for their snacks and food, they savor each bite and enjoy their meals.

Now that you’ve somehow determined which category your dogs fall in, you can find the best chew toys for your best friend.

The Best Chew Toys for Your Dogs

When purchasing the best toys for chewing, it should be durable and doesn’t break easily. Find those that are made using materials that are safe for your dogs. Plus, make sure that they aren’t dangerous enough to break your pooch’s teeth.

With that, here are the best toys to get for your dogs:

Firm Rubber Toys

This type is best for all the chewers. These firm rubber toys have versions with hollow spaces for holding treats. To choose the best one, go for the toy that’s the same size as your pooch’s mouth.

The toys are durable and firm enough to withstand intense chewing. But the good thing is that these aren’t too hard to cause any damages to your fur baby’s teeth.

Avoid giving your dog a toy that’s too small since it could lead to them choking. For toys that are too large, these can cause too much strain and end up damaging their jaws. That also includes their chewing muscles.

Rope Toys

Rope toys are safe for the right chewers, and these are excellent for nibblers and inhalers. If you’re giving this to your dog, never leave them without supervision. You need to ensure that they aren’t pulling out and eating the toy’s strands.

Swallowing the strands can cause digestive obstruction, which is fatal and will require surgery.

Stuffed Toys

Stuffed toys are among the best chew toys for your best friend, and it’s perfect for nibblers and inhalers. Dogs love nibbling on soft things since it’s soothing, while others try figuring out how to get to its stuffing.

There is a wide range of options to choose from when buying stuffed toys. You can choose from toys with or without squeakers, and there are different toughness levels and various fabric textures.

Beware of poorly made stuffed toys since these may wind up in your dog’s intestines. Also, check out for buttons, bells, eyes, and small dangly pieces that can cause choking.

Tennis Balls (Best for Inhalers or Nibblers)

Tennis balls are clich√©, but they’re one of the ideal classic toys that your dogs would enjoy. Aside from chewing, dogs can play fetch with these.

Although tennis balls are best for inhalers and nibblers, it’s still best to supervise your dog when playing with them. Ensure that the tennis ball’s abrasive felt doesn’t wear down the enamel on your dog’s teeth. This could expose the tooth’s pulp and root, which requires a root canal or tooth extraction.

Checking the Quality of the Chew Toy

Now that you know the best chew toys for each chewer, you’ll need to know how to choose a toy. It’s essential to know the factors you need to consider before purchasing one for your dog.

Here’s what you should look out for:

The Coating

The toy’s coating shouldn’t be harmful to your furry buddy. Check out for toxic materials that may have been used to produce the chew toy.


Chew toys shouldn’t be too soft since these would easily break when dogs chew on them. See to it that it’s parts are durable enough and wouldn’t fall apart. Doing this will prevent choking and other dangers on your pet.


While the toy needs to be durable, it shouldn’t be too hard since this would break your dogs’ teeth. When pressing your thumbnail on the toy’s surface, this should budge.

Shape and Size

Of course, you should choose a toy with the appropriate size and shape for your dog. If it’s too small, your furry friend might choke. However, a toy that is too large is uncomfortable to chew on.

For its shape, it shouldn’t be complicated.

Why Is Getting Chew Toys for Your Best Friend Important?

As a pet parent, you likely consider your dog as a family member. You want what’s best for them, from their needs to their toys and accessories.

Chew toys are one of the essential accessories for your pup. It keeps them entertained as they release their energy onto it.

Now that you know the best chew toys for your best friend, you can choose what’s perfect for your dog.