Reasons Why Pet-Friendly Hotels are a Hit

Reasons Why Pet-Friendly Hotels are a Hit

In this day and age, the hotel industry is experiencing a surge when it comes to pet-friendly hotels. It’s a great feature that a lot of accommodations are offering to travelers with pets. But with the popularity, have you ever thought of the reasons why pet-friendly hotels are a hit?

An article from the New York Times reports that pets are considered family members. So a lot of pet owners want to include their furry babies in their travels.

In the US, it’s said that around 61% of hotels allow pets. And each year, Americans spend about over $5 billion on travel with pets. Not only that, but now, some websites are dedicated to pet-friendly accommodations, as well as travel options.

More than ever, hotels aren’t just accommodating and accepting pets. They encourage and embrace them too! It’s also interesting because some hotels are exclusive for cats and dogs only – no people allowed!

So now, we’ll give you the reasons why pet-friendly hotels are a hit today.

Pet Owners Refusing to Leave their Pets

One of the most common reasons why pet-friendly hotels are a hit is because of pet parents. Most of the time, they refuse to leave their fur babies behind and want to take them along for trips.

Pet parents prefer having their pets close, avoiding leaving them with friends, family, or even professional carers.

Because of this, hotel chains decided to make their accommodations a pet-friendly one. It’s to cater to the needs of their guests who have pets with them.

Pets are considered as the furry part of the family. So, it isn’t a surprise that pet programs have grown more popular in this day and age.

Pet Amenities Offered in Hotels

Simply offering top-notch and pet-friendly stays can bring traveling pet parents to book a room at a hotel. However, lots of hotels go an extra mile to ensure that their furry guests are comfy and enjoying their stay.

Common pet-friendly amenities offered in hotels include water bowls, food dishes, and outdoor play areas.

There are some hotels that offer a plethora of services to ensure that their guests feel at home. These include pedicures, exercise classes, massages, luxury beddings, gift baskets, as well as gourmet room service. And no, these aren’t for you, they’re for your fur babies!

These accommodation features are some of the reasons why pet-friendly hotels are a hit today. With that, more hotels are starting to offer pet cuisines with room service menus that are specific for your pets.

These are aspects that’ll make pet parents like you order room service or dine-ins. That’s because these will allow your fur babies to enjoy delectable meals together with you.

Pet-Friendly Hotels Are Welcoming More Animals

Increasingly, the hospitality and travel industries are continuously recognizing their need to offer pet-friendly venues and services. It’s to accommodate the needs of travelers who have pets with them.

Because of these reasons why pet-friendly hotels are a hit, more hoteliers are beginning to realize the benefits. Accommodating travelers with pets and making their chains pet-friendly will bring in more guests. Plus, pet-friendly hotels will definitely outweigh any disadvantages.

Some hotels don’t only accommodate dogs and cats. They welcome other pets like birds and rabbits as well.

A couple of accommodations even provide specific services for their furry guests like tailor-made menus.

Pet-Friendly Hotels Stand out from Competitors

Regular hotels are likely to charge a pet fee for guests. Plus, depending on what they offer, standard rooms can sky-rocket to a more premium price. That is if they decide to offer pet dishes.

For pet-friendly hotels, guests can book a room via the website then choose the amenities they want at online checkout. This is another reason why pet-friendly hotels are a hit and stand out from their competitors.

Moreover, these types of hotels end up getting booked and packed no matter the season. It’s because pet-friendly accommodations are beneficial for both pet parents and hotel owners. So, they opt for these places to stay when traveling.

Booking Beyond the Business & Busy Season

Hotels are aiming to book more rooms when it’s the slow season. So, having pet-friendly amenities are a great way to accommodate all kinds of guests.

Even if a lot of bookings are for business travel, pet-friendly features can still leave their mark.

Pet-Friendliness Creates Brand Loyalty for Hotels

Lastly, the reasons why pet-friendly hotels are a hit is because pet-friendliness builds a sense of loyalty and trust. This is between the guests, pets, and the hotel.

Today, more hotel chains are offering accommodations to welcome their furry guests since it inspires brand loyalty. When a pet parent knows they and their pet will be well-accommodated at a property, that’s good. It’s because the whole idea urges them to book again with that pet-friendly hotel.

Generally, traveling with pets can involve tons of additional packing since pet parents will need tons of things. These will mostly include pet beddings, dishes, toys, and more.

If the hotel helps with this task and provides the pets’ needs, customers will appreciate the hotel’s efforts. When they like the service, there’s a very high chance of them returning. In addition, they’ll likely keep the hotel in mind for their next getaway.

If the hotel gets recognized as an excellent place for pets, it’ll inspire pet parents to share their experiences. They’d inform friends and family members, as well as provide positive reviews.

Final Words

More travelers want to bring their beloved pets when going on a holiday. Because of that, the number of hotels planning to welcome four-legged, and even two-legged guests is increasing.

With the growing demand for pet travel, hotels are making things easier for potential guests coming with their fur babies.

As the travel industry expands, people traveling with pets become more common. Due to this, a lot of hotels are expanding their services by welcoming the furry guests too.

Technically, it’s an excellent development since competition improves services while prices go cheaper. With that, those mentioned are the reasons why pet-friendly hotels are a hit today.