Quick Tips on How to Keep Your Pets Safe and Healthy When Traveling.

Quick Tips on How to Keep Your Pets Safe and Healthy When Traveling.

Traveling with your pets is fun, but it’s also difficult and challenging, especially for them. When your pet is sick, old, or can’t travel, leaving them at home or with a pet sitter is best. If that’s not an option, here are quick tips on how to keep your pets safe and healthy when traveling.

These tips will be helpful to every pet parent who can’t leave their fur babies behind. Also, these will be beneficial for your pets so they can have an enjoyable trip no matter what.

Make Sure that Traveling Is Safe for Your Pets

Want to travel with your pets? Among the quick tips on how to keep your pets safe and healthy when traveling is checking if they can. Also, make sure that they’re up for the task before bringing them with you.

If, for any reason, your pet can’t join the trip, then it’s best to have them stay behind for now.

When they aren’t fit to travel, don’t force them to. Not only will the trip be less enjoyable, but your fur baby might end up getting anxious, nervous, and sicker.

Review Your Fur Buddies’ Health Insurance Policy

If you have health insurance for your pet, that’s good. Now, check if the policy allows you to bring your pet to another veterinarian. Will the policy cover your pet when out of state? Does the policy cover after-hour visits and emergencies?

Make sure that you review your pets’ health insurance policy and that it covers essentials for when you travel. This will make it easy for both you and your pet when traveling.

Bring the Right ID Tags for Your Pet

When traveling, ensure that your pet is wearing the proper identification tag at all times. These pet tags should have updated information like your pet’s name, vaccinations, address, and their pet parents’ name.

This is one of the most essential quick tips on how to keep your pets safe and healthy when traveling.

List down the Vet Clinics Available in the Area You’re Visiting

Before you even travel, make sure that you prepare a list of 24-hour emergency pet hospitals and veterinarians around.

Your pet’s vet won’t be around when you go on a trip. So, it’s best to know where the veterinarians are for easier access if ever there’s an emergency or issue.

Judge How Well Your Pets Are during Travels

This is one of the quick tips on how to keep your pets safe and healthy when traveling. Some pets get excited at the idea of car rides. They even jump eagerly in the vehicle and watch everything moving through the window.

However, some pets are afraid of rides. If your cat or dog isn’t accustomed to riding cars, take them to several short rides first. Make sure that they’re relaxed and comfortable beforehand.

Going on short car rides will let you know if your pets tend to get car sick. If they do, the veterinarian can prescribe certain medications to prevent car sickness.

Just note that some medications may have side effects. So it’s vital to ask your vet for medications that’ll limit side effects.

If you have pet insurance, some of their medications can be covered.

Additionally, it’s smart to relax your pet before all trips. Take them on a walk or go for a quick round of exercise. This will exhaust them, and it’ll be easier to calm your fur babies during the journey.

Plan and Pack All Supplies in Advance

Among the quick tips on how to keep your pets safe and healthy when traveling is doing things in advance. Pack all the necessary supplies, including essentials like pet food, a leash, ample amounts of water, and comfy beddings. You’ll also need prescribed medications, as well as pet ID tags with up-to-date information.

If you’re going on a trip that’ll outlast your fur baby’s food supply, find pet stores along the way. Make sure that these stores carry your pet’s food.

Generally, traveling can be a stressful activity, and stress can lead to everything from stomach upsets to lack of appetite. The last thing you’d want is to have to switch your fur baby’s food while on a cross-country trip.

Prepare for Any Pet Emergencies While Traveling

Injuries and medical issues can become more challenging to deal with when on the road. With that, it’s best to be prepared and travel with some essentials.

These include your pet’s first aid kit, their medical records, his/her veterinarian’s contact number, plus backup water and food.

No doubt, road trips with your pets can get complicated, but it’s definitely worth the effort. After all, your pets usually enjoy adventuring as much as their pet parents do, or maybe even more!

Consider Having Your Pet Microchipped

A quick tip on how to keep your pets safe and healthy when traveling is by getting them microchipped. It’ll be best done before you travel with your pets.

These improve the chances of finding and determining where your pet is if they run off and get lost. If they’re already microchipped, make sure that it’s already programmed with the latest contact information. These should include you, the pet parent’s name, as well as your contact number.

Keep Them Secure While on the Road

Resist letting your pets stay free while you drive. Not only can it lead to accidents and injuries, but it can let your pets run away due to fear. Cats or puppies can even slip out instantly through open car doors.

What you can do is secure your pet in a crate or use special types of harnesses or tethers. Pet carriers are also great especially when traveling in cars. These will prevent smaller pets from crawling under the driver’s seat and can cause an accident.

Never Fill Your Pet’s Crate or Carrier with Toys

Here’s another one of the quick tips on how to keep your pets safe and healthy when traveling. Avoid filling your pet’s carrier or crate with toys.

If you can provide just one toy for a long trip, go for something interesting to keep them busy.

Giving your fur baby lots of toys at home is great, but during lengthy trips, that’s a whole different story. Having too many toys in the carrier will take up the little room left for your pets. Moving will be impossible with tons of toys inside, and it’ll be difficult for them to adjust their position.

Control Your Pet’s Motion Sickness

Like people, your pets can get seasick, carsick, or airsick. If they get motion sickness, it’s best to bring some ginger cookies to settle their stomach.

Skip Heavy Meals during Travel Days

No matter how welcoming you are to your furry friend, anxieties on their part are imminent. For animals, the most usual symptom of stress is diarrhea. This is the last thing you want your pets to suffer from on the lengthy ride.

Even if your fur baby doesn’t appear stressed before the trip, motion sickness can greatly upset their stomach. What’s worse is that it can occur in an instant.

Professionals recommend that feeding pets less than normal prior to traveling will prevent any problems and issues. If you know your pet has these types of sensitivities, it’s best to keep their tummies empty for the trip. Doing this will be good for your pet and will also be more convenient on your part.

Though it’s good to note that you shouldn’t starve your pet if they beg for food. Just skip the last meal that you’d usually give them before the start of your journey.

So Fresh and Clean

Like humans, pets can pick up unwanted viruses coming from public places such as rest stops, train stations, and airplanes. Because of this, it’s best to bring pet soap to get them cleaned right after you arrive at the hotel.

Not only that, you should be aware of the lurking bacteria in sitting water. Your pets might end up drinking this while taking a break on the road or from the local creek.

Take the Time for Play and Potty

A lot of what makes trips fun and exciting are the stops along the way. Make sure to stop every 2 to 4 hours to allow your pet to walk, stretch, and relieve themselves.

Make sure to bring their favorite toys, and take a couple of minutes to incorporate play and running. If you have a dog, check if they have dog parks around. For cat parents, you can look for safe places to walk your kitties too.

Hotels plus Camping

Finding pet-friendly hotels is becoming easier these days, yet pet parents still require a bit of advanced planning. Make sure you go for a hotel that accepts your fur baby’s size and type.

Know that a couple of hotels will likely charge an extra fee for your pet. With that, make sure to speak to the hotel’s staff/personnel directly to avoid any additional charges.

Make the Travel Location Feel Just Like Home

Quick tips on how to keep your pets safe and healthy when traveling is by making things feel like home. Your fur baby’s crate may not be the ideal place for their toys. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t pack them when you go on vacation.

Bringing their favorite toys can make your fur babies feel more at ease when they reach an unfamiliar destination. Bring things that are familiar to them so they’ll feel comfort and at ease despite being in a different environment. Doing this will help keep their anxiety at bay.

Determine When You Should Leave Your Pets at Home

Not all vacations get better when you bring your pets with you. If you’re thinking of spending most of the trip in spots that don’t accommodate animals, reconsider. When you’ll mostly visit spots like museums, it’s best to leave your pets home with a trusted person.

Even if your vacation is pet-friendly, it may not exactly be fit for your pet who’s anxious. If you have a nervous feline or dog, he/she will be happier at home in their familiar environment. Your pet will forgive you if you’re having fun without them, so don’t worry about leaving them behind.

Keep Your Pets Hydrated

When traveling, pets can get easily dehydrated due to the absence of regular access to water. Remember to pack extra water for your four-legged companion before your trip.

It’s ideal to allow animals to self-regulate by providing them with water in their crate. However, this can make a mess in your vehicle, so if that’s impossible, make frequent stops to let them drink.

Another way to keep them hydrated is by feeding them wet food instead of dry.

Keep Your Pets Fresh and Clean

Like humans, your pet can pick up bacteria and viruses in public places like airplanes, rest stops, and train stations. They will also be highly exposed to these bacteria as you travel.

Your pets’ hygiene is just as important as yours. Bring pet toiletries to keep them free from germs by cleaning them up once you arrive at your destination. Be sure to have pet soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and wipes.

Also, beware of bacteria like giardia in sitting water, which your furry buddy may drink while walking on the road. These are commonly found in creeks.

Final Words

Planning a trip can be a challenging task, no matter the situation. Bringing your pet with you when traveling comes with a whole new set of things to worry about. These include packing the right items, checking your accommodation’s policies, making sure you have all the requirements, and more.

Going on a journey with your pet should be fun and enriching, not stressful. If you know what you have to do, you and your pet will have a positive experience.

This is why knowing the quick tips on how to keep your pets safe and healthy when traveling is necessary.

When you’re prepared for the unexpected, you’ll learn to enjoy your adventures with your furry buddies.