Pet Insurance and Why Pet Owners Should Get One

About 65% of the American household have pets but only about 2% have pet insurance. You’re probably one of those wondering why pet owners should get pet insurance. Aside from giving you peace of mind in any financial emergencies, let’s present other reasons why pet insurance is needed. Despite considering our pets as members of the family, getting them pet insurance isn’t an easy decision for many. At the back of our minds, we strongly believe that nothing will ever go wrong. But like us, the possibilities are real and we don’t know when.

Top 10 Reasons For a Pet Insurance

When that unwanted moment comes, pet owners shouldn’t have to decide between their wallet and pet. This comes above all the 10 top reasons, and it’s a good enough reason why you should get pet insurance. Economic euthanasia is sad but real. That’s the term used by vets when the pet has to be put down due the necessary surgeries or procedures can’t be done. Most often, the procedures cannot be performed because pet owners are unable to afford a whooping multi-thousand dollar bill. Hence, the term is economic euthanasia.Of course, no pet owner would want that. Everyone wants the best for their family members. With that, pet insurance is encouraged for each of your pets.

Pet Insurance Covers Illnesses, Accidents and Wellness

Similar to human health care, owners are presented with different policies. These depend on the type of pet, breed, and activities, owners are presented with options. Yes, there are options and it’s good to know which one would work best for your pet.Some policies cover accidents only, while others cover both accidents and illnesses. But remember that there are limitations and maximum coverage. Each company defines what is considered an accident and what illnesses can be covered.

Others offer a complete plan including wellness or routine care. Some also provide coverage for cancer and diabetes medications. Major surgeries may come at a higher premium.Pet insurance companies will lay all options for you. Your vet can help you decide based on your pet’s breed, health status, as well as character.Age is also another delimiting factor for pet insurance.o insuring them while they’re young is one answer to why pet owners should get pet insurance.Companies offer accident-only policies for senior dogs and cats. Simply because of their age, all pre-existing conditions are excluded in any plan. But don’t get discouraged because as stated, there are plenty of options.

Savings and Emergency Funds Will Stay as Is

If a sudden accident requires major surgery for your cat or dog, you will be tempted to touch your family’s emergency fund. As much as possible, we’re all preventing this. Even if you do have funds exclusive for your pet, it may not be enough if the bill keeps adding on.Vet bills can come as a surprise so get pet insurance to deal with it. A visit to the ER comes with a high cost. That accidentally swallowed object can go up to $2,000, and infection surgery can reach a $10,000 bill. No wonder some pets could drain their owner’s savings or funds in just one go.

Claiming Is Easier Compared to Human Health Care

Filing a claim isn’t a dilemma like most human health care claims. Most pet insurance companies don’t have a strict network you have to follow. If they do, make sure you have a nearby clinic, vet, or hospital before signing up.Most pet insurances do reimbursements and filing a claim can be done online. It only takes a few minutes to upload the bill, the vet’s notes or invoice, and the claim form. Most companies will reimburse you directly through a check or a bank deposit.Usually, claims are approved fast and could take about two weeks. Major procedures may take up some time like a few months, but this will be clearly stated in your contract.

Your Choice of Clinic, Hospital, and Vet

As stated earlier, most pet insurances don’t follow a network of clinics or veterinarians. So long as your licensed vet is in the United States, you don’t have to worry about where you’d be taking your pet.In any accident or emergency, you can find the nearest clinic, specialist, or hospital without worrying if insurance will cover it. Your choice of a vet is endless.

Rising Veterinary Costs

Nowadays, it is no longer a surprise that even basic commodities have a price increase. Same with your vet’s costs, they will keep rising as well. As your pet ages, too, some procedures and laboratory fees are more expensive than routine care. Consider this among the options laid to you by any pet insurance. Your vet can put a recommendation or list of procedures you may need.If you can create your life or family plan, you can also create a life plan for your dog or cat. With this, you could give a rough estimate of their annual health care cost.You can ask your insurance to show you a sample of a 10-year plan. This would lay out the increase in premiums annually.

Pet Insurance Can Be Customized

Based on your vet’s recommendation you can opt to get accident-only and include a few add-ons that you believe best fits your pet. Yes, there are riders or add-ons offered to include specific coverage. They all differ according to each pet insurance.Most insurance companies have major policies and a variety of add-ons for specifics. A few would put cancer coverage as an add-on while others have this in a comprehensive plan. Customized pet insurance may play well according to your budget. Pet insurance can be paid monthly, quarterly, annually. Some even offer semi-annual plans. Pet owners are free to decide which payment plan works best for them. That’s another reason why pet owners should get pet insurance because there are a lot of options.

All Breeds and Sizes Covered

There could be limitations for some other species and breeds but there is always insurance that covers them. That exotic pet of yours can have inclusive pet insurance tailored for it. If you’re worried that your pet’s breed would cost you more, browse through all policies and ask for a quote. Most insurance companies would get back to you with a good plan. Regardless of your pet’s breed, there is always a plan available.In case you adopt and are unsure of your pet’s breed, a vet visit would help. It may cost a little for some tests, but it would greatly save you from claim rejections. Some companies may reject claims because your pet’s breed is excluded, but you can avoid this by getting certifications.

If we have retirement plans or old age plans, our pets need something similar. They age and become in need of more attention.Life-long pet insurance is offered by some insurance pet companies. But most of them must start before a certain age limit. The younger you start, the better. Good quality of life is something everyone wants to achieve.Our pets deserve a better quality of life when they age too. Treatments and medications can be part of your pet insurance. This would also give you peace of mind in the long run.

Visits to Vet Can Extend Your Pet’s Life

Keeping that routine care and annual check-up could also save your pet’s life. Whether it’s part of your insurance coverage or not, every pet owner is encouraged to do so. A healthy pet last year may have cancer next year.Like humans, a healthy and active lifestyle is encouraged for your fur babies. Pet insurance doesn’t only want to give your pets a better quality of life. This also gives you peace of mind, since you know you’ll have financial aid in case of sudden health issues.Routine care or wellness coverage can be added to your pet’s plan. Regular visits to your vet may cost more later if there’s a need to keep coming back. Most pet insurance offers solutions to such problems, and a healthier pet means fewer problems for you

The More, the Merrier and the Cheaper

If one pet doesn’t fit your style, then this comes as a benefit in getting pet insurance. Another good reason why pet owners should get pet insurance are the discounts. You can enjoy these advantages if you list more than one pet for any insurance policy. We are sure it does the same with your vet. Vets would usually charge you less if you bring your dogs, cats, and birds, together for a visit. It may sound chaotic but it does keep the fees lower. Similar to insurance policies, having more pets means more discounts.

Top Pet Insurance Claims for Dogs and Cats

If the reasons above aren’t enough to encourage you to get pet insurance, then look at the top claims below. Here are a few of the common insurance claims for dogs and cats.

Top 3 Health Conditions That Dogs Suffer from

Amongst the top pet insurance companies, there are three common claims for all. Leading the list is otitis or ear infection. This occurred in the top list of all the companies.Together with it is the leading cause of otitis which is atopy or allergies. Diagnosed together or separately, dog owners filed claims for both conditions.Ear infection check-up may cost up to $100 but an extensive procedure or surgery may come between $2,000 to $5,000. Add up allergy treatment, which costs around $600 to $1,000.Third on the list is gastrointestinal conditions. If left untreated, this could lead to life-threatening situations. The most common surgery is the removal of ingested foreign objects.Dogs do love to chew after all. Foreign body surgery costs about $100 to $1,600.

Top 3 Health Conditions That Cats Suffer from

Topping the list of most common claims for cats is gastrointestinal conditions. Together with it is a urinary tract infection. Both are connected to the top chronic diseases that are part of the list.For cats, it has become common for them to have kidney disease, hyperthyroidism, and diabetes. As you can see, they are all related to each other. Not to mention that all of them are very costly.Kidney treatments average about $650 while diabetes averages at $889 every year. Imagine the cost of the check-up, laboratory fees, and dietary requirements. No pet owners would want to have that problem.

Top Accidents and Illness Listed For Claims

The top accident is actually the ingestion of foreign objects. Besides that, the next one is a cruciate ligament or torn ligament. If your dog loves running or is very active, there are high chances of this accident. Getting hit by a car may cause this, too.But there are actually more health conditions to worry about than these accidents. Among the top 10 conditions for dogs and cats are heart conditions, cancer, eye and skin conditions, and generalized pain.If you think about it, these are common conditions most humans suffer from as well. Despite our genetic differences, we can clearly see that every species is affected by some health issues in their lifetime. Common colds and flu can be easily cured but there are those we need help with.These are only a few of the common conditions that dogs and cats may suffer. Accidents are even more costly and unexpected. Preventive care may answer the said conditions, but being financially prepared for any medical emergency is ideal.There are more reasons why pet owners should get pet insurance, but we hope these are all enough. Research and comparison would be your next best move to start choosing which policy would work.Pet insurance companies offer a wide range of plans with different benefits. Most providers offer free quotes as well. To know which one is the best of all, consult your vet to help you get on with your plan.