My Pets Only Stay Home, Do They Even Need Insurance

My Pets Only Stay Home, Do They Even Need Insurance

Owning a pet takes a lot of duty. That includes financial preparation for anything unexpected. So, finding the best pet insurance for home pets is important.

While many say having a pet is more expensive than raising a kid, having one isn’t bad at all. Especially if we can find a way to lessen the expenses for their health needs.

Most people still would prefer to have one and call it their fur babies. They treat them as if they are family members. Not only in providing food, but also bringing them to regular check-ups.

Of course, giving them vitamins, walking them in parks, and even buying them clothes are part of the owner’s obligation.

Though some pets prefer sitting at home like some small breeds of dogs. Cats also love staying indoors most of the time, as well as birds that are just usually kept in a cage.

Now, one might be thinking these pets don’t need insurance since they’re only at home. Staying at home doesn’t lower the risk of any unexpected event.

Thus, getting all your pet insured is the best way to make sure you are always ready. It gives you a sense of peace and ease.

Contained Pets Are Not 100% Healthy

Even though house pets are kept inside the house, it doesn’t guarantee that they are healthy. There are a lot of factors that could make pets sick.

For instance, the food we feed our pets could cause stomach trouble. With that, we’d have to bring them to the clinic too. Oftentimes we are not in control of how our pets react to the goods we give them.

Another reason why your pets will not be 100% healthy is if they have inherited illnesses, which is hard to tell. Regardless of the owner being meticulous in taking care of their pet, it would be difficult to avoid such illnesses. It is vital to compare and get the best pet insurance for home pets.

Accidents Are Everywhere

Just like little kids, pets are prone to causing accidents that can end up in injury. Like the younger ones, they love to play and it may end up in a mess or even an accident.

Sometimes pets tend to accidentally swallow some small items at home too.

Most Pets Have Rabies

Most owners have their pets vaccinated with anti-rabies, yet, there are circumstances when they forget about it. This can cause trouble when their pets happen to bite someone.

In some cases, stay-at-home pets escape and wander around. They may get frightened or threatened, causing them to fight.

Sometimes visitors come over and the pet may accidentally bite them. Pet owners will be the ones responsible for the treatment needed by the victims.

All reasons above are good reasons to get your pet insured.

Major Types of Pet Insurance

So, what’s the best pet insurance for home pets? The answer lies in the kind of pet you have and your capacity to pay.

There are different types of pet insurances. The major types are accident-only, accident and illness, and comprehensive coverage.

As the name goes, accident-only insurance covers injuries caused by an accident. Accident and illness insurance covers injuries and diseases diagnosed by a vet or clinic. Pre-existing conditions and diseases with a vaccine aren’t usually covered.

Comprehensive types of insurances are those that cover accidents, illnesses, and regular health care for your pets. These would include vaccinations, dental care, therapy training classes, and regular check-ups.

Though it may still not cover pre-existing conditions and complex surgeries, comprehensive coverage may be a good option in general.

How to Choose the Best Pet Insurance

Accident-only insurance is best for those who get young and healthy pets. If your puppy or kitten is given a good bill of health after a vet visit, go for accident-only coverage.

For breeds that are often accident or ill-prone, accident and illness insurance coverage suits them best. For example, German Shepherds are prone to hip dysplasia so this type is best for them. Owners must check their pet’s breed and see if they are prone to diseases or illness.

Aging pets are best covered by complete health care plans. Though not all insurance companies cater to senior pets, there are a few that offer them.

Comprehensive policies differ according to each insurance company. All cover certain routine care, check-ups, and minor surgeries.

Most differ according to coverage for pre-existing conditions and pet age coverage. Others have annual limits or deductible conditions.

Hence, the best pet insurance for home pets isn’t based on your pet’s condition alone but also your financial capacity. Check each one’s monthly premiums, flexibility on policies, and coverage to make sure.

Some insurance offers plans from $10 per month to $100 per month. Some have flexible deductibles from $100 to $1000. Some have copays.

All companies have their pros and cons. These pros and cons depend on the type of pet you have and the conditions your pet is in.

The best pet insurance for home pets is one that would give owners peace of mind. This is in terms of health for their pets and financial aid.