Must-Have Pet Tech Gadgets

Must-Have Pet Tech Gadgets

Pets are fun members of the family. However, there are times when you need to keep them occupied when you’re busy as well. To successfully keep them busy, it’s ideal to find some of the must-have pet tech gadgets today.

Having these will readily allow you to manage and entertain your fur babies even when your hands are full.

As technology continues to impact our daily lives, it’s also beginning to impact the lives of our pets.

Recently, there’s been a surge of money flowing into the pet technology industry, which has led to tons of innovations. Because of this, we have a lot of must-have pet tech gadgets to share with your furry little friends.

All these devices aren’t only designed to make your pet’s lives more convenient, but yours too.

Two-Way Video Communications Device

Since pets are also part of the family, pet parents always ensure that they’re safe like everyone else. And even if you want to be with them most of the time, you know that isn’t possible.

But even if you can’t always be with your fur babies, that’s alright. You’ll still get to see and talk to them with the help of a two-way pet camera.

Video communications devices let you chat and interact with your pet no matter where you are. To use, you only need to open the app on your smart device, hit the chat button, then speak to your fur babies!

Make sure that you get the two-way device since this will allow you to see, hear, and communicate. You won’t only get to see your precious fur baby with live-streaming videos, but they’ll see you too.

These devices allow you to capture both photos and videos, which will save directly to your smart device.

Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Other must-have pet tech gadgets today are the self-cleaning litter boxes.

They’re an automatic device that self-cleans after your kitties use it. You don’t need to clean up after, because the litter box will do the job.

When your feline friend leaves the litter box, the waste will get separated from the clean litter that’s present. Then, the waste will get dumped into the box’s carbon filter drawer that is to keep things neat and clean.

Once the drawer gets full, you’ll be given a notification to empty the litter box. There are different versions for the self-cleaning litter box, and there are even some with night lights. Sometimes, these litter boxes sport an ergonomic design compared to others.

Having this essential tech gadget for pets is ideal for pet parents who need to leave their kitties alone. So no matter if they’re left alone at home, no worries are necessary because of such a gadget.

The accompanying app for the device sends you notifications when the litter reserve is low. Plus, it even tracks the daily toilet routine of your kitties in the process. That is if you wanted or needed to know about it.

Automatic Pet Feeder

If you need to leave your pet at home, don’t worry about them not having enough food until you return. With the automatic pet feeder, place your fur baby’s food in the hopper. Then, set it to automatically dispense a measured amount of kibbles at specific timeframes.

You can even record and save your voice to let pets know that their food is being served.

Often, these bowls are made from dishwasher-safe stainless steel. So there won’t be any oily or bacterial build-ups that can cause illnesses in pets, especially cats.

What’s cool is that this feeder can even take images of your fur baby eating. This will ensure that they are indeed eating the dispensed food.

Another benefit to utilizing this smart feeder is that it helps keep food fresh and secure. By decreasing air and element exposure to their meals, mold and mildew will less likely grow.

Pet Fountain

The pet fountain is another one of the must-have pet tech gadgets. This device will ensure that your pets stay hydrated, which will help keep their body running at an optimal level.

Being well-hydrated will also support the body’s essential functions like natural kidney detoxification. Water is important for your pets; however, a lot of cats and dogs don’t seem to like drinking it.

But with an automatic pet fountain, it’ll provide fresh water with continuous movement. This will greatly encourage your pets to drink more water.

Additionally, the fountain will ensure that your pets have enough water at all times. So, you won’t need to worry about them not having enough.

Pets, especially cats, prefer drinking water that’s naturally flowing. So having the fountain at home will somehow mimic that of real water flowing outdoors. Thus, urging them to drink more than from a pet bowl.

This pet fountain is made with a receiving ramp. It helps reduce splash; plus, you can adjust the flow control, letting you increase or decrease how much water flows.

The large integrated reservoir boosts the capacity and requires lesser refilling. This means that there’ll be more water for your fur baby and less work for you.

Pet Treadmill

Exercise is essential even for pets. If you can’t walk them outside every time, you’ll need the gadget to do the trick.

Pet treadmills are ideal, especially for dog owners who don’t have enough time to walk them regularly. Plus, it’s perfect for those who don’t have enough running space for their pups.

It is a great physical outlet for energetic pets and an excellent source of exercise for overweight fur babies.

Offering treadmill workouts together with a healthy diet can help pets, especially dogs, build muscle tone. It can also boost their stamina and lose weight.

Though do note that before starting an exercise routine for your pup, consult their veterinarian first. This way, it will help you determine if your fur baby is overweight or obese.

From there, they will provide the proper instructions and steps to help make your pet lose weight.

Laser Cat Toy

The laser cat toy joined our list of the must-have pet tech gadgets today. It’s a perfect tool for cats since they enjoy chasing things.

They can run after something for long periods. Yet as amusing as it is, you don’t have all the time to give them the playtime they crave.

For times when you want to give your furry baby extra exercise, consider the laser cat toys.

You’ll be amazed and amused by how your cat will respond and enjoy the laser toy. The laser randomly changes its patterns and often features different speeds and time settings.

This will allow your cat to have non-stop hours of entertainment and exercise for your felines.

Switch on the device and watch bright lights come to life. It will generate a variety of interesting patterns to keep your cats engaged.

You can also switch the device to go on manual mode. This will offer a more interactive experience for your pets.

Automatic Ball Launcher

Encourage pet playtime with an automatic ball launcher. It’s great for cats but will mostly appeal to small or medium-sized dogs.

The launcher will shoot out balls at certain distances and is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Basically, it will be an automatic play of catch. After the ball is launched, your pet will return the ball to have the launcher throw out the ball again.

Pets love to play, and this type of activity is essential for their physical and mental health. This gadget allows them to play their favorite activity for hours without exhausting you in the process.

Pet Tracker and Activity Monitor

The activity monitor and pet tracker is an impressive gadget that is highly beneficial for your pets’ health. In fact, it will benefit pet owners like you as well.

With a pet tracker, you can have peace of mind since you can always monitor where your pet is. You’ll easily know they’re safe, so you can focus or relax throughout the day with no stress and worries.

Pet trackers let you instantly locate your furry friend. Specific pet tracking devices have unique features like allowing you to set safe zones where they can play. Other types of trackers let you set danger zones to keep them away from potentially harmful places.

A lot of pet trackers today provide real-time notifications and updates for you. What’s great about these is that they’re all based on your configurations.

These are waterproof as well, so they won’t get damaged when your pup swims or plays in the water.

Some pet trackers also have an activity monitor, which is perfect if you have a dog walker or pet sitter. With the device, you can ensure that your pet is getting the supervision and care that you’re paying for.

Pet trackers with activity monitors allow you to monitor how much exercise your pets are getting. This makes it easier for you to maintain their weight and see if they’re reaching their fitness goals.

An activity monitor also displays lung and heart conditions, so you can give them the best diet, exercise, and supervision.

Smart Door for Dogs

Home security devices are one of the essential things to have, especially if you have pets. But did you know that one of our must-have pet tech gadgets can enhance your home security?

The smart door for dogs is like an ordinary dog door, but it works with radio frequency. This technology detects the smart key, which is worn on your pet’s collar to trigger the door’s flap to unlock.

After your furry friend passes through the smart dog door, it locks automatically. If you have other pets that you prohibit from passing through the door, this can help prevent them from escaping.

With this impressive dog door powered by smart technology, you can prevent sick animals and predators from entering your home. Having this installed in your home can also prevent skunks, foxes, and squirrels from entering. Some of these animals can transmit diseases and parasites.

There are various smart doors for dogs on the market. Some are programmable for a specific number of pets, and others come in different sizes.

Additionally, these unique smart doors slide up automatically without your pet having to touch or swing them. This feature makes it a great product for those who own pets with vision loss or sensitivity on their nose.

Pet-safe Air Filter

Most people are unaware that our homes have a lot of pollutants. These are more concentrated towards the floor, where pets spend most of their time.

You can find modern air filters that are safe for pets on the market today. It’s one of the must-have pet tech gadgets since it’s necessary for fresh air at home.

A pet-safe air filter is not your ordinary air filter. The latter uses UV or ion cleaning methods that damage humans and pets’ respiratory tracts.

Pet-safe air filters, on the other hand, work by reducing indoor pollutants. These utilize modern technology, making it safe for your pets’ health. When placed in specific areas like a spot near the litter boxes, there will be less dust, debris, and odor.

This air filter reduces mold, dander, allergens, and dust mites, which makes it best to place indoors. It’s highly beneficial for pets suffering from allergies or asthma since it makes breathing easier for pets and pet owners.

Having a pet-safe air filter can significantly improve the health of pets with brachycephalic dog breeds like pugs and bulldogs. Moreover, it can help animals with heart disorders like congestive heart failure.

The Importance of Having Pet Tech Gadgets

Now that you know the available must-have pet tech gadgets, you can decide which suits your furry friend the most. The best way to determine this is by understanding your pet’s needs and what makes them happy.

Most importantly, the best thing about these tech gadgets for pets is that they are beneficial for your pet’s health. No matter which one you pick, you can’t go wrong with these gadgets since your pets will love them all.