Is Pet Insurance Like Health Insurance for Human?

Is Pet Insurance Like Health Insurance for Human?

Will it be comforting to know that pet insurance is way better than your own medical or health insurance? Well, you’d be glad to know it is. Pet insurance like health insurance for humans has similarities and differences.

Pet insurance and human’s health insurance differ depending on which aspect you assess it. In terms of access and use, many believe pet insurance is way better. But compared to benefits, some say it’s very much like human’s health or medical insurance.

What Makes Pet Insurance Different from Human’s Health Insurance

First, pet insurance is not managed or categorized according to a certain type of network. Pet insurance like health insurance for humans follows general rules. Unlike humans, pets can go to any qualified veterinarian, clinic, or hospital and get medical care.

Most humans would usually go through the trouble of finding the nearest or closest service available. It takes a while to find the right clinic, doctor, or hospital that belongs to their insurance network before getting any medical service.

So in this manner, pets are luckier than humans. If your pet needs any immediate attention, you don’t have to worry thinking about where to bring your pet. Just find the closest vet or clinic and file your claim after.

Another difference is that pets are still considered property in the legal definition. It means that humans have to own them and that the responsibility lies on the owner. Like a car or gadget, the insurance covers any accidental or unintended emergencies.

Though that is changing recently, some pet insurance only offers such coverage. Make sure to check that your pet insurance is one that also covers annual care, routine check-ups, and laboratory tests. Pet insurance like health insurance for humans has limitations and conditions.

One other big difference between human health care is that pet insurance covers senior pets. Today, getting our elderly insured or getting their health maintenance included in their health care programs are costly.

Though not all pet insurance plans cover senior pets, many offer premiums. Some even offer lifetime coverage. So getting your pet insured at the right age will benefit from it for its lifetime.

How Is Pet Insurance Similar to Human Insurance

Just like ours, pet insurance comes in different plans or policies. Some can be paid annually, quarterly, through deductibles, and even by co-pay. Most pet insurance like health insurance for humans copied the payment plans to make them affordable.

Also, the insurance cost depends on the pet’s underlying health condition just like us. Any present condition or diagnosed illness will not be included in any plan. Similarly, premiums are offered for such cases should a pet owner still want it to be part of the coverage.

Another similarity would be the type of pet insurance plans. Pet insurance can be categorized for wellness, accident-only, accident-illness only, or all the above. Pet owners can decide based on what they think is best for their beloved pets.

Unique Types of Insurance for Pets Not Limited to Pet Insurance

Here are other insurances that cover your pet as well. You may not know it, but you may have insurance that includes their welfare, too.

Life and Theft Insurance

This type of insurance is usually for those who believe their pets are of high value. Zoo owners or breeders usually buy this type of insurance. Like a property, these pet owners believe that their pets may either be stolen or taken from them because of their worth.

Some pets belong to important family lines like champion breeds. These types of insurance are available for these kinds of cases.

Liability Insurance

As the name goes, this insurance includes the liability that comes with your pet’s action. So if your pet accidentally bites someone, you may be sued. This coverage can be found in either your homeowners or renters insurance policy.

This is one reason why certain breeds of dogs aren’t allowed in some apartments, compounds, or subdivisions. Some homeowners’ insurance indicates the type of breeds not supported in the coverage.

Pet insurance like health insurance for humans isn’t always the same. So always make sure you are aware of your homeowner’s policies before considering residence. We hope most could find pet-loving communities everywhere.

Personal Property Insurance

Though this may sound odd to many, certain insurances quote your pet as valuable property. This is not because they’re part of your family or property but because they wear some things that you deem valuable enough.

If you are love accessorizing your pet and giving them some costly jewelry, you might want to get this coverage.

How Is Claiming Pet Insurance Different from Claiming Human Insurance

Claiming pet insurance is easier than any of your medical plans. Any clinic, vet, or hospital will take care of your pet’s needs because pet insurances are mostly owner reimbursement.

The only downside of most pet insurance is that you need to bring out some real cash first. But that aside, claims for reimbursement is generally easy. Most pet insurance like health insurance for humans prefers reimbursement claims.

All you have to do is take care of the payments first. So get your pet to any vet, clinic, hospital, or specialist anywhere in the US. Have your pet go through check-ups, surgery, or medical care, then pay for it.

Next, send your bill or invoice together with your vet’s notes and apply for a claim. Then wait for your reimbursement in a week or two. There’s no need to check or wait for pre-authorization, like most of our health care plans.

We love our pets, and we know they love us back. Now you know how pet insurance like health insurance for humans are and aren’t alike. We hope you could get the best plan and coverage for your beloved pet.