Is Dental Care Covered in any Pet Insurance?

Is Dental Care Covered in any Pet Insurance?

Similar to humans, pet dental insurance exists. If this sounds weird to you, it’s good to read more to learn what dental insurance for pets is. You might ask, is dental care covered in pet insurance?

The simple answer is yes. In general, this only covers dogs and cats. Exotic pets may have different dental care practices so let’s stick with dogs’ and cats’ dental care coverage for now.

Many pet insurance companies cover dental care, but each one defines their coverage. Some only cover tooth extraction as part of their most basic plans. Others include extraction, dental illness, and root canals.

A few pet insurance offer dental care coverage as part of their wellness plan. This wellness plan is added on top of what plan you will choose. These are called riders or add-ons.

Dental Health

With all the biting and chewing done by your pets, they can develop dental diseases. They also need regular dental care, especially for bigger pets due to their number of teeth compared to smaller ones.

However, smaller pets also need dental health care. When dental health is left unnoticed, your pet’s health may be exposed to higher risks of health complications.

Just like humans, a common dental problem may escalate to bigger issues. When bacteria in your pet’s mouth grows, this develops into plaque and tartar. When this reaches the gum line, it becomes periodontal disease.

This may cause bacteria to go down the bloodstream which can reach your pet’s organs. Blood and bone infections could lead to diabetes, heart disease, and other health issues.

This could all be avoided through preventive care. In fact, dogs and cats have their own kind of toothpaste. You can use a soft bristle human toothbrush but it’s best to purchase a pet toothbrush available in pet stores.

Dental insurance for pets may cover any unexpected dental diseases. But like always, prevention is better than cure.

Coverage for Dental Care

Most pets develop dental diseases around three years of age, which is why you should consider pet dental insurance. Some pet insurance companies offer general health preservation like dental cleaning and vaccinations.

Dental cleaning costs around $300 – $700. However, having coverage over dental care can help a lot when it comes to the expenses.

Some companies cover dental accidents with no limits. They also cover dental problems of up to $1000 limit per policy per year.

The majority covers dental care, injuries, and illnesses of the same limit. A few cover advanced procedures so it’s best to check companies that offer these as well.

Common Dental Problems that Pets Experiences

Bad breath isn’t just the only dental problem most pet owners encounter. Having bad breath can simply mean your pets have eaten something smelly, or it could be an underlying condition.

Here are a few common and obvious dental problems you may observe. If you haven’t checked their gums, mouth, or teeth lately, it’d be best to do so.


Tartar is the effect of not having a regular dental cleaning. This dental problem is the root of other dental issues, so it is crucial to brush your pet’s teeth regularly. Make sure to always have a pet toothbrush in your pet’s grooming essentials.


It is the swelling of the gums and may lead to periodontal disease. It is caused by a bacterial infection that comes from plaque formed on your pet’s teeth. However, you can treat this at home.


This is a dental problem of cats where their gums are inflamed and have lesions. You can only treat this problem by having your pets undergo surgeries and treatments. This type of dental problem may cost you around $600 to $700 cure.


Periodontitis is the swelling of gums, the destruction of tissues, and tooth loss caused by bacteria. Your pet gets this from the various things they eat or chew on. This type of dental problem requires a lot of dental care.

Poor dental health could lead to periodontal diseases. It needs consistent treatment, cleanings, and tooth extraction.

Treatments for periodontal diseases usually cost around $456.45, while surgeries can cost $5,367.16. It is definitely something a pet owner can avoid with proper dental care.


This is the secretion of pus between your pet’s teeth and gums. This dental issue is the advanced stage of periodontitis.

Bacteria from this secretion may enter the bloodstream and cause a riskier health problem.

How Can I Take Care of My Pet’s Dental Health?

Pet dental insurance may help a lot when your pet undergoes surgeries and treatments. But of course, prevention is always best since it’ll lessen the troubles you and your pet may encounter.

Brushing your pet’s teeth helps remove bacteria that may cause tartar and plaque. Your pet may be new to this, but with baby steps, they can have healthier gums and teeth.

Regular dental cleaning from the vet is also a must. Brushing is not enough for clearing out all the tartar and plaque affecting your pet’s gums. Your vet will help remove all these by sedating your pet and cleaning the places that are hard to reach.

Changing your pet’s diet may also help greatly in protecting their teeth and gums. Also, try to avoid chewing toys that are too hard on the teeth since these can lead to tooth fractures.

Your pet’s oral care deserves more attention. It would save you a lot of money and prevent your pet from experiencing discomfort and pain.

Professional dental care is pricey, so it’s best to get pet dental insurance for your pet. And after providing insights about it, we’re sure you’ll get to find the best dental insurance for your pet.