Insure Your Pet While It’s Young

Insure Your Pet While It’s Young

Pet owners can’t predict when or how a pet could get sick or get hurt. That is why you should insure your pet while it’s young because anything can happen.

Should I insure my puppy or kitten? That’s probably what you have in mind. Getting pet insurance would be the right choice because it helps give a sense of relief and peace of mind if problems arise.

Having a pet at home can be exciting and fun, but they can also cause chaos or trouble. This may lead them to get an accident or catch an illness.

Reasons Why You Should Get Your Puppy or Kitten Insured

By the time you bring home a new pet, they become a part of the family. This can be quite challenging, most especially for young animals.

To most people, it’s like babysitting. Pet owners have to be responsible to watch over them. This includes making sure that everything is puppy or kitten proof, but that’s usually not enough.

No matter how careful or responsible pet owners can be, pets tend to be troublesome. They may do things they shouldn’t do, which can lead them to an accident. Pet insurance provides safety and security in case anything goes wrong.


These little furballs are curious about everything. They love wandering around the house looking for something, which is unavoidable.

They can be somewhere, finding something to play with. Or they may find themselves stuck in those small spaces where they could get hurt.

Puppies have a strong sense of smell, they tend to explore using their nose by sniffing anything they can find. And if they do, they could eat it without knowing it could be harmful to them.

Just like with babies, pets chew on almost everything they have access to, especially young ones who are teething. Thus, there is a high chance they could swallow an inedible object that could be small, sharp, or poisonous. It could get stuck on their throat or stomach which may lead to choking, diarrhea, or stomach pain.

That is why you should insure your pet while it’s young, since this can cover unavoidable expenses. No matter how curious or playful they are, you can feel more secure for the inevitable.

Play Time May Mean Danger Time

Pets who play roughly may end up getting bite marks or bite wounds. Usually, they are shallow and don’t need intervention. But sometimes, there are chances of them going deep, too. If not treated immediately, bleeding or infection may cause many problems.

Climbing or jumping on things may cause pets to get a fractured bone. Those who have open area access may encounter other wild animals that could harm them badly. The circumstance can change dramatically from play to dangerous time.

Illness or Sickness Comes Anytime

When pets aren’t as active as usual, it’s possible that they are sick or not feeling well. Pets can have flu or mood swings too. While these are normal and manageable, the unexpected is still something we all fear.

Vets encourage pet owners not to do things on their own because it might make your pet feel worse. Insure your pet while it’s young to protect them from missing out on the care they need.

Again, you can never predict when your pets can get in an accident or catch an illness. It can be tiring and expensive to be going back and forth from the vet. But having pet insurance can be an advantage to help cover and lessen your expenses in these situations.

Some pet owners are not prepared for veterinary expenses. At present, many think that pet insurance isn’t that important. Out of 84.9 million homes with pets, only 2.82 million pets are insured.

Pet insurance provides opportunities for pets to get treated without financial burden. It can be a good investment. That is why it’s also important to build a relationship with a veterinarian and a pet insurance company. Those you can trust can really help you with these expenses.

How Old Should My Puppy or Kitten Be to Get Insured?

After adopting a new pet, you need to give their vaccinations and take them to the vet for other check-ups. Aside from that, it’s best to insure them as soon as possible.

In some pet insurance companies, younger pets can get insured when they reach 6-8 weeks of age. Most companies follow the 8-week old rule for the start of coverage.

The age of pets determines the company’s policy. A younger pet means better premiums, and you’ll find more affordable options, unlike for an adult or senior pet. The older the pet, the more expensive it becomes, and it might be harder for them to get insurance.

Pet owners have the responsibility to mend pets back to health. They need to be treated well because their lives also matter and they need to be loved and cared for. Thus, getting pet insurance will not only benefit the owner but the pet itself.

The beautiful thing is that pets give back the favor by loving and protecting their owners as well. Insure your pet while it’s young to lessen your worries about anything that might happen to them in the future.