I Travel A Lot With My Pet, Is That Covered in Pet Insurance?

I Travel A Lot With My Pet, Is That Covered in Pet Insurance?

Everything depends on the company you get your pet travel insurance from. Some companies offer plans including insurance for traveling pets.

Most often, this should be indicated in your pet coverage plan. Also, before getting your pet insurance plans, make sure to ask if it covers traveling for your pet. Pet travel insurance is different from regular pet insurance.

Pet Travel Insurance vs Regular Health Insurance

Take note that insurances have several categories. Two of the most common types of insurance are health insurance and travel insurance. By its title alone it is obvious which covers which.

Regular pet insurances are those that we buy for a lifetime. If you are looking for ongoing insurance for your fur babies, buying them a good health plan is great.

A common pet health insurance usually covers the health issues of the insured. These are illnesses, accidents, and other conditions that needed hospitalization or treatment. But some of these pet health insurance have add-ons.

For instance, there are insurance companies that offer both health and travel insurance.

However, if you are a traveler, there’s a better option. It would be wiser if you will avail of pet travel insurance on top of a regular one. After all, this kind of insurance prioritizes the needs of pets traveling with their owners.

Although pet travel insurances aren’t 100% guaranteed to protect you from paying medical fees, it is a big financial help. In case something unexpected happens to them during your trip, then you can expect to get some reimbursement.

Pet travel insurance also helps in fixing your dog’s document so you could go home without encountering any issues.

Exclusive Pet Travel Insurance

Another kind of pet travel insurance is only for a specific trip and timeline. Oftentimes, this type of insurance is purchased during relocation or transfer of ownership.

So, this usually only happens when people buy pets somewhere else and need them to be shipped. Only a few offer this because they have to be part of the Independent Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA).

This insurance usually only includes accidents and illnesses during transport. Also, the insurance usually starts and ends at the airports.

This means the insurance starts from the time the pet is checked in to the airport. Then, it ends when he/she gets picked up from the destination airport.

Important Things to Consider When Traveling with Your Pet

Aside from getting insurance for traveling pets, also make sure you have the right documents with you. Being ready isn’t bad at all.

Pet’s Vaccination

Some countries are strict when it comes to rabies vaccination. They want it updated and as recent as possible before the expected travel time. This is to ensure that there would be no incidents that could occur during your visit.

This is important when traveling abroad or over other states. Always take time to read not only about pet travel insurance but pet regulations as well.

Pet’s Health Certificate

Before your pet can travel with you, make sure they are checked by a vet and are tagged as healthy. Since dogs and cats can get stressed upon traveling, having a healthy diagnosis could help. You wouldn’t also want to get stuck on a vacation taking care of your sick pets.

Keep in mind that pets adjust to new environments as well. Making them fit for travel can give you a more relaxing trip.

Pets Should be Microchipped

As we all know, microchipping has been trending for the past years all over the world. By having a microchip on your pet, it would be easier for you to locate them if they get lost.

It also helps when your pets are found because they can scan them and contact you whenever that happens.

Pet Collars, ID and Crates or Cages

Just like people, when traveling with a pet, they also need an identification card. It is to let you prove that the pet belongs to you.

Collars are also helpful during travel to make sure that your pet can be restrained when needed. Likewise, the collar is perfect for hanging your pet’s ID or tag with the owner’s information engraved on it. This can help people to contact you in case your pet gets lost.

Crates and cages are often used to protect and contain pets during travel. Especially when boarding a plane, putting your pets in cages can be safer for them. Besides, public transportation via air or land requires owners to have crates or cages before bringing them in.

Be Familiar with Pet Rules on Places You Visit

Knowing the rules of the country you’re visiting helps when it comes to bringing your pets on a trip. Being aware of places where pets are allowed or not can help you save time. Plus, it will help you plan your itinerary properly.

Some health care plans include insurance for traveling pets. Others indicate the limitations of coverage when the pets travel.

Do note that most plans wouldn’t be an issue if your pets are traveling within the United States. Others specifically mention limits in some countries.

In fact, others limit their coverage based on the type of accident and illness a pet could get when traveling. So, make sure to check each policy term before deciding.

Check with your vet and read reviews. Choose the best pet travel insurance or health insurance for traveling pets for your own good.