How to Choose the Right Toys for Your Dogs

How to Choose the Right Toys for Your Dogs

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How to Choose the Best Toys for Your Dogs?

When choosing the best toys for your dogs, there are many factors to consider here.

Make Sure They’re Safe, Durable, and Fun

The first and most vital one is that toys for any pet, whether they’re dogs or cats, should be safe. They should also be durable and made from safe, non-toxic materials. Most of all, these toys should be fun and entertaining for your dogs.

Consider the Environment

Another thing that you should consider is the environment where your dog spends his or her time. The toy options you choose should be fitting for their space. Plus, these should not cause any harm or issues when played with.

If the space they often play in isn’t big, avoid getting toys like frisbees and the like. These are better played within a spacious area so your dogs can run around freely.

The Age of Your Dog

If you’re wondering how to choose the right toys for your dogs who are considered “seniors”, don’t worry. Dogs don’t mature the way we do, but it’s still best to keep your pet’s age in mind.

When your dog is only three weeks old, they’re still puppies and have baby teeth. With that, it’s best to choose toys with softer rubber or snuggly fabric that’s a good fit for him/her.

Get Toys Depending on How Active Your Dogs Are

Pet owners are probably asking how to choose the right toys for your dogs if they’re extremely active fur babies.

If your dog’s like this, it’s best to get them some hard rubber balls/toys, which are perfect for them. You can find a variety of options that range from different shapes, sizes, and colors.

These toys are considered fun for chewing and carrying around which is ideal for your active pets. If your dog is big and active, rope toys are a hit for your fur babies. You can play tug of war with them, and they’d enjoy this a lot.

Tennis balls make a great toy too, especially for playing fetch with. However, keep watch since your dogs might end up chewing through these.

Consider the Texture and Size of the Toy

Even with adult dogs, a Yorkshire Terrier won’t likely chew harshly like the bigger German Shepherds. With that, you’ll need to find toys that have the right texture and size for your dog.

For smaller fur buddies, consider toys that are easier to clench-on for smaller jaws. Similarly, toys that are too soft can break and become a hazard when chewed on by bigger dogs.

What are the Perfect Toys for Your Dog?

Now you have an idea on how to choose the right toys for your dogs. With that, let’s look at some of the possible toy choices for them.


From rubber balls, tennis balls, and plush balls to squeaker balls and foam balls, you have a ton of choices. These may bounce, float, or glow in the dark.

But no matter what you choose, balls are one of the best toys for your dogs.

These are classic toys that never fail to be a fun way to keep your dogs active. Also, it will encourage you to get involved since they love a game of fetch.

This way, you can strengthen your bond over time.

When you find a ball for your dog, ensure that its material is durable enough to not chew into pieces.

Discs and Retrieving Toys

Dogs who love playing with balls and a game of fetch tend to enjoy discs and toys they can retrieve. You can throw discs at various speeds and directions, which is more exciting and challenging for dogs.

Plush Toys

Many dogs love plush toys, but unfortunately, these are often unsafe. They’re easy to rip apart and when ingested, can be dangerous to your dogs.

But if you supervise them as they play with plush toys, these are also fun to play with.

Before your furry buddies hit their teething phase, give them a plush toy. Aside from having something to play with, they can snuggle up with the toy at night too. Just make sure that your fur babies know which plush toys are theirs, so they won’t grab others stuffed animals.

The Squeakies

Like plush toys, squeaky toys come in various shapes and sizes. They’re made of rubber, plastic, or vinyl. The durability of these toys vary, and you’ll have to choose one based on your dog’s chewing habits.

Generally, rubber is perfect for aggressive chewers. If your furry friend is a mild chewer, thinner plastic or vinyl toys are better.

The best thing about squeaky toys is they’re often inexpensive and easily affordable.


Knowing how to choose the right toys for your dogs will guarantee a safe and fun playtime. Like treats, you can use toys as a training device.

If your pup gravitates to a specific toy, give it as a reward after he or she performs a command.

Giving them toys will also let them understand which toys are theirs. This way, you can prevent them from having destructive behavior like chewing on children’s toys or furniture.

Moreover, your choice of toy should depend on your dog’s age, size, and chewing habits. Remember that as your puppy ages, the appropriate toys for them also change.

Safety should be a priority, but it shouldn’t compromise the fun.