Essential Cat Supplies to Have for Your Feline Friends

Essential Cat Supplies to Have for Your Feline Friends

Having a cat at home is always a rewarding experience for every cat lover. If you have more than one, then it’s merrier for all. With that, essential cat supplies to have for your feline friends are vital to keep them comfy and happy.

As a cat parent, it’s important to have enough cat supplies on-hand for all your kitties. It’s also your responsibility to make sure that each one of them is happy, healthy, comfy, and well-fed.

With that, we’ve put together a list of essential cat supplies to have for your feline friends.

Cat Food

Of course, cat food is one of the essential cat supplies to have for your feline friends. You should have enough for them, and it’s also best to know which diet fits your fur babies best.

If you’re planning to shift to a different food brand, it’s best to make gradual changes to their meals. Instantly shifting their diet may disrupt your cats’ digestive system and could make them sick in the process.

Seniors and Kittens

Fat cat on scales on white background. Weight control concept. Copy space.

If you have kittens or senior cats, it’s good to note that they have their special diets. These diets aren’t the same as your regular adult cats.

Because of this, it’s extremely vital to choose the best nutritional diet for your cats based on their age. Also, consider their breed to give them the right amount of nutrition and vitamins to keep them healthy.

For senior cats, they require light food to get balanced amounts of nutrition and keep their ideal weight intact.

Food and Water Bowls

One of the other essential cat supplies to have for your feline friends are quality-made food & water bowls. These should also be shallow yet wide to easily drink and eat.

There are different options to choose from, but the best would be the ceramic bowls for your felines. Aside from this, it’s also best to utilize heavy items that have weighted bottoms. It’s to avoid the bowls from tipping over.

If you have more than one cat, give them multiple bowls of water and food. Set them in different parts of your home where your kitties can keep hydrated no matter where they are.

Of course, keep these water and food bowls away from your cats’ litter boxes.

Cat Carrier

An essential item for your cats would be the cat crate or carrier. These are important when you need to bring your cats to the vet or when traveling with them. Sometimes, it’s also where your cats prefer to sleep in, so make sure they’re comfy enough for your kitties.

When choosing a carrier, these should be durable and safe for your fur babies. These should also have adequate spaces for air to go through it.

Try to avoid giving them enclosed cardboard boxes. These tend to suffocate cats when they play inside.

The best way to go is to purchase a plastic carrier with a front door. Opt for a bigger one to accommodate your cat, giving them adequate space to move around comfortably.

Litter Box

The litter box is among the essential cat supplies to have for your feline friends. A large one is best for defecation and urination.

Do note that the litter box should be around 1 ½ the size of your fur baby. It’s to give them enough room to enter, turn, scratch, then do their thing. Another great litter box would be one with low storage totes or bins.

For multiple cats, you’ll need one litter box for each feline in your household.

Automatic Litter Boxes

If you need to leave your fur baby at home alone, go for the automatic litter boxes. What’s great about these types of litter boxes is that they have self-cleaning features. It keeps the box clean even when you’re not home.

Cat Scratching Post or The Cat Tree

It’s natural for your cats to scratch, but it won’t be good if they start scratching on your furniture. With that, it’s essential to have an area or object where they can freely scratch without wrecking anything.

This is the cat scratching post or cat tree. You can also go for cardboard scratching pieces if your home is limited for space.

When choosing one for your fur babies, base it on their preferred texture, as well as the position of the scratcher. There are horizontal or vertical scratchers available.

Cats usually scratch and stretch when they wake up from their naps. So, it’d be smart to set one of these scratching posts or trees near their favorite scratching objects. If they enjoy scratching on the foot of your table, place the scratching post near the area.


Having the appropriate toys for your cats is a great way to have some fun with them. Toys promote physical and mental stimulation, plus it allows your cats to use their hunting instincts.

There’s a wide variety of toys available, and you won’t run out of choices to entertain your cat each day.

First Aid Kit for Felines

Like humans, our cats should also have a first aid kit. It’s one of the essential cat supplies to have for your feline friends. You need to be prepared with first aid supplies when calling your veterinarian for emergency requirements in case of accidents.

Cat Nail Clipper

A cat nail clipper is important for regularly trimming your feline friend’s nails. With this, you can prevent injury between you and your pets, as well as damage to your household items.

Before buying a nail clipper, consult your veterinarian to know which type is best for your cat. If you don’t know how to trim their nails yet, ask for a demonstration on how to do it.

A Soft, Cozy Bed

Most cats enjoy settling into a cozy bed with deep sides since this is where they can rest and sleep. Not only that, but it’s also where they feel safe and secure.

It’s best to have multiple beds placed in different areas of your home since they seek warmth throughout the day. They move to areas where the sun shines the most through the windows.

Metal Cat Comb

They may not appear important, but metal cat combs are essential cat supplies to have for your feline friends.

Many cats love being brushed or combed, and doing this while they’re kittens makes grooming your cats easier. Metal cat combs are essential, especially for long-haired cats, to keep their fur managed and untangled.