Best Home Security Systems for Pet Owners

Best Home Security Systems for Pet Owners

If you’re a pet parent, you’ll likely tell people that your pets are part of the family. There’s also a big chance that you call them your ”kids”, especially when you don’t have any. That’s why you need to have the best security systems for pet owners.

It makes sense that shopping for a home security system should be efficient to keep your home and pets safe. That’s because pets are family, and they need to be protected at all times too!

Plus, you should consider the best pet security systems for pet owners if you have more than one pet.

Why Is the Best Home Security System for Pet Owners Important?

Having the best security systems for pet owners won’t just protect you. It’ll also help protect your fur babies when you aren’t at home.

An example would be when you’re out. Monitored smoke alarms can alert the authorities, allowing them to immediately respond to get your pets out safely.

Additionally, having a security camera can work as a pet cam. Aim and make it focus on your pet’s crate or the room they’re staying in. This will let you view and keep an eye out on your fur babies in real-time.

The Best Home Security Systems

The best security systems for pet owners are readily available in the market. And there are a ton of them that you can choose from.

Yet to make it easier for you, we’ve compiled the best pet security systems for every pet parent out there.

Indoor & Outdoor Cameras

When you have pets at home, you likely want to keep an eye on him/her throughout the day. You aren’t alone because about 60% of pet parents want to keep watch on their pet babies while they’re away.

To do this, you’ll need smart indoor and outdoor security cameras. These work by recording video clips that’ll be sent to you via mobile alerts. This is done immediately when motion is detected without triggering any alarms.

These recorded footages are kept online, which you can view anytime on smartphones and other devices. Having these cameras in your home will allow you to investigate any alerts, then take the appropriate actions when necessary.

Not only that, but these smart video cameras allow you to see inside your home anytime, anywhere, through real-time feeds. You can readily check on your fur babies to see what they’re up to. Plus, you can even talk to them if your camera features two-way audio capabilities.

Indoor Cameras

Pets are your furry family members, and their health and safety is your top priority. Unfortunately, a lot of health issues aren’t detected until it’s too late. Sometimes, these health problems aren’t even noticed at all.

With an indoor pet camera, you’ll have better insights into your pets behavior and status.

Indoor cameras will allow you to visually check on your precious fur babies at home. What’s great is they work well without the risk of false alarms. An ideal indoor camera has two-way audio features, allowing you to communicate with your pets anytime, even if you’re away.

Indoor cameras are compact Wi-Fi devices that offer you HD video, two-way communication, motion detection, live view, and clip recording.

Another plus is that these feature pan and tilt, allowing you to track your pets throughout the room they’re in.

Outdoor Cameras

These smart home devices are durable enough to withstand snow, rain, and extreme weather conditions. Outdoor cameras are usually linked to your Wi-Fi, allowing you to view live footage of your pet’s activities outside.

You’ll also get alerts on your smartphone when something or someone’s there. It’ll record everything that’s happening and depending on your features, allows you to talk to those on the property.

Motion Detector

Passive Infrared Detectors

Passive infrared sensors or PIR look for changes in movement and temperature in the coverage area of the sensor. When one moves across the PIR’s field of view, the device will detect their temperature signature, then triggers an alarm.

Since these are sensitive to movement and heat, the PIR detectors are often utilized indoors.

Having a security system with top-notch PIR motion detectors is the ideal way to prevent false alarms. They’re set to determine between a 20-pound dog from a 200-pound individual moving across the area.

These are the kinds of motion sensors often utilized by pet parents with cats and small to medium-sized dogs. That’s because there are lesser chances of fur babies tripping the alarm.

Active Infrared Detectors

AI sensors are one of the best security systems for pet owners. These devices release an infrared beam, triggering an alarm when an object or person crosses the beam.

Other types of active motion sensors work similarly to sonars in submarines. They release energy waves then measure the time it takes for these waves to reflect off stationary items.

When someone/something moves, it alters the reflection time, allowing the sensor to detect movement.

For cautious pet parents, they often go for multiple security systems in their homes. An example would be dual technology systems that may combine area reflective sensors with PIR sensors.

The active sensor verifies motion while the PIR sensor detects whether humans or smaller animals make movements. This kind of detector doesn’t give off alerts unless the movement trips both these sensors.

Smoke, Flood + Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Indoor and outdoor cameras are the best security systems for pet owners to see what’s happening physically. But how can pet parents see what they can’t?

To get additional safety for you and your pets, you can acquire smoke, flood, and carbon monoxide detectors instead.

With these home security systems you’ll get immediate alerts on your smart devices. You can set an automation rule unlocking your smart locks during fires, floods, or hazardous amounts of CO gas.

Smart Remote Monitoring System

Smart remote monitoring systems function with passive infrared motion sensors. They work similarly as classic home security systems.

The difference between them is that when the PIR sensor identifies movements, the Wi-Fi-linked cameras take shots of what’s happening. After, these images are relayed directly to your smart device.

It’s an excellent home security system for all pet parents. It immediately lets you see what the sensors picked up. It could be a real intruder or perhaps your cat jumping on from one furniture to another. Or, it could even be your dog stretching out to reach for something on the kitchen counter.

Once you’ve checked that it was indeed your fur baby that caused the alert and commotion, simply disable the alarm. Once that’s done, just restart the smart remote monitoring system from your device, and let it do its job.

Home Automation Equipment

Home automation equipment are devices that you can automatically control with a smart device, remote control, or by speaking. These include smart door locks, lights, switches, and more. The equipment isn’t only for security, but they also make your living more convenient and comfortable.

TVs, radios, and other devices that feature a smart switch can also be remotely switched on and off. It’s a great way to add background noise to keep your pets calm while making it look like someone’s at home.

A lot of home security systems sync with a range of home automation equipment. Most of these can be controlled via your smartphone, which makes everything easier.

Additionally, you can set schedules and various configurations on most of these smart devices. You can set lights to switch on before you arrive home and some types allow lighting adjustment and more.

Each home automation equipment has different features, and you’ll need to choose which suits best for you.

Smart Door Locks

Locking your doors with your old mechanical lock and padlocks is one way to keep your home safe and secure. But why not step up your game and use a smart door lock instead?

Smart door locks allow you to remotely lock and unlock your door via a compatible smartphone app or temporary PIN. It’s a useful feature in case you forget to lock your door upon leaving.

A smart door lock is composed of three parts: a motor, a deadbolt lock, and a transceiver. The motor acts as the key that operates the deadbolt lock.

The transceiver links to the smartphone app or home automation system. It receives remote signals, which are sent to your smartphone as a notification.

You can also use this to grant access to a trusted person like your neighbor to check on your pets. With that, you won’t have to worry about having duplicate keys made, and these falling into the wrong hands.

Some smart door locks even send notifications to your phone if someone has entered and exited your home.

Smart Lights

Smart lights are one of the easiest devices to add to your smart home to enhance security. It also helps improve your pet’s quality of life, making it among the best home security systems for pet owners.

Smart lights are automated lights that can be programmed or managed remotely via smartphone application.

You can use home automation devices to switch lights if your pets get anxious when it’s dark, and they’re alone. You can also make it appear that your home isn’t unattended with these gadgets. With that, you won’t have to leave your lights switched on all day.

When combined with motion sensors, you can have illumination around your house, making it best for homes with pets.

Smart Hubs or Switches

A smart hub or switch is the center of all smart devices you install in your home. It allows you to monitor, manage, and control each smart device from a single location.

Also, it connects to your smartphone application to send necessary notifications and to allow for remotely controlling the smart devices. This is why smart hubs are included in the best home security systems for pet owners.

Smart hubs let you monitor your home’s environment even from another place. This way, you can maintain your ideal environment and security at all times. You can switch lights on at specific times, control temperature, switch on the TV, and a lot more.

When purchasing a smart home hub, choose one that includes a user-friendly app and is compatible with your current devices. This way, you can easily expand your smart home and its security systems.

Smart Thermostat

Having a smart thermostat in your home allows you to control your home environment’s temperature in real-time. You can check on it, and change this at any time. Also, you can set a specific temperature range for your home.

If the temperature exceeds or falls under that range, you’ll receive a notification on your phone.

This real-time information eliminates the guesswork of keeping your furry buddies comfortable at all times.

Myths about Pets and Home Security

Pet owners often disregard security systems at home, fearing that their pet will cause it to trigger false alarms. This concern is understandable since they can be charged with fines in case of a false alarm.

Another misconception of many pet owners, especially dog owners, is that their pet is enough to provide home security. These people think that dogs are physically capable of securing their homes from trespassers.

In fact, leaving pets alone without security systems makes your home more vulnerable to criminals. Also, this leaves your pets with the risks of danger.

Final Words

Today, the field of security has advanced with new technologies implemented. With that, having the best home security systems for pet owners is one way to keep your pets safe. These devices allow you to have your peace of mind since you can monitor your furry babies at home.

These security systems come in various forms and have a wide range of features. Some security cameras come with alarm systems and can be combined with other detectors like natural gas, smoke, and more.

All you have to do is choose the right one and install them in the right places. When you invest in the best home security systems, you can have your peace of mind, wherever you are.