Accessories and Essentials to Have for Calming Anxious Dogs

Accessories and Essentials to Have for Calming Anxious Dogs

There are a lot of accessories and essentials to have for calming anxious dogs. These can help relieve their stress just as well. You can find these in many pet shops, and they range from wearables to various treats and supplements.

With that, here are some of the items you need to help calm your dogs who are restless and anxious.

Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets are some of the best accessories and essentials to have for calming anxious dogs. If you find this item comforting as you snuggle against it, so does your furry buddy.

Wrapping the blanket around your anxious or stressed out pup can help alleviate these issues. It can also work to relax them during car rides, which is great.

This product offers a gentle and warm pressure that’s similar to hugs. With that, it aids in diminishing fear, anxiety, and restlessness in dogs.

Calming Collar

Dog calming collars are great for calming your dogs too. These items utilize pheromones combined with herbs and essential oil to decrease your pup’s fear and anxiety.

These products have been proven clinically to aid dogs and keep them relaxed in a variety of situations. Some of these include separation anxiety, loud noises, or moving to a new home.

Choose a calming collar that fits your pooch perfectly. Or, you can go for the one-size-fits-all type that’s adjustable depending on your dog’s size.

It works by having the infused pheromone to mimic a mother dog’s pheromone for calming her pups. These collars are proven to decrease stress-related actions like excessive barking, inappropriate marking, and chewing.

Hemp Oil for Dogs

Among the best accessories and essentials to have for calming anxious dogs is hemp oil. This essential product helps keep a dog calm and composed due to hemp oil’s natural calming effects.

It comes with anti-inflammatory properties that also relieves stress, as well as joint pains. Additionally, it can calm their nerves, especially when it comes to their fear of travel.

When your dog suffers from situational pain and anxiety, using hemp oil will work within 5 to 10 minutes. It’s a quick relief for most dogs, yet others feel the effects after 15 to 30 minutes.

Dog Pheromone Diffuser

There’s a lot of good research about DAP or dog appeasing pheromones. These are synthetic elements that replicate the pheromones of a mother dog. It’s also the elements utilized in calming collars.

The diffuser is easy to use. You only need to plug it where your fur baby spends most of his/her time.

Pressure Wrap

The pressure wrap is a great product to alleviate the stress and anxiousness of dogs. It offers a gentle and gentle pressure on your dog as it’s worn on him/her like a vest.

Based on surveys completed by pet parents, about 80% of their dogs displayed significant results after wearing these.

The pressure wraps are ideal for events that may frighten and increase the anxiety attacks of your dogs. Such events include thunderstorms, fireworks, vet or grooming visits, separation, and more.

Calming Cap

Like blinders set over a working stallion’s eyes to narrow their vision, calming caps are used to help dogs relax. This is most vital for when they’re riding in cars and to decrease some visual stimuli when outdoors.

When one sensory experience is decreased, it may help lessen your dog’s fear of the environment or an object.

Even when there’s something over your pooch’s eyes, it’ll still be calming for them. Plus, they can still partially see through the calming cap anyway. However, do not forget to introduce the cap first, and do this gradually too.


Having different toys is also essential to calm your dogs. These should be mentally stimulating and exciting altogether.

These toys will allow them to focus more on it and not on their fears or worries. It’s vital to keep them out of your pooch’s reach. Only give it to them when, let’s say, you’re leaving them home for work or a trip.

That way, your dog will look forward to the toys when they know they’ll be alone for the time being.

Different types of toys are great for calming your pets. These are the puzzle and chew toys.

Puzzle Toys

Among the accessories and essentials to have for calming anxious dogs are puzzle toys. These can greatly help redirect your pooch’s anxiety into positive and productive play.

It’s especially ideal for pooch’s who worry about getting separated from their pet parents.

What’s great about these toys is that they come in a variety of levels. You can start easy and simple, then slowly build up the level as your pup’s ability improves.

You can also consider treat-dispensing puzzle toys. With this, you can give your dog something to play with while feeding them at the same time.

Chew Toys

The chew toys are perfect for teething puppies or dogs who tend to chew on things. Chewing is generally a good outlet for anxiety and stress. That is, as long as your fur baby doesn’t attack furniture and your other belongings.

With the chew toys, they not only keep your pets busy and entertained trying to search for hidden treats. They get to chew on the right items while relieving themselves of stress and anxiety as well.

Pet Cameras

WiFi pet cameras are devices that come with integrated treat dispensers. These are perfect for when you need to leave your pet at home.

When these are configured, you can give your dog their treats while watching and communicating with them. Not only that, but they can see and hear you as well, which is perfect for dogs who have separation anxiety.

You can control these pet cameras via smart devices. All you need to do is configure the device based on your preferences, and you’re good to go.

These pet monitors come with 2-way audio, 1080p HD video, night vision, and 3x digital zoom. Plus, what makes these unique and extremely useful is that they have integrated food dispensers or laser toys.

Helping Dogs with Anxiety

The accessories and essentials to have for calming anxious dogs are vital to help your fur babies accomplish this task.

Dealing with anxious dogs can be challenging. But note that you shouldn’t use devices that induce pain to prevent them from practicing natural yet unwanted behavior.

Utilizing prong collars and shock collars is never the solution since it will only cause more fear in them.

The best way to solve dogs’ anxiety is by addressing it early and while the symptoms are mild.